Water pump for flushes

Just wondering what techniques people are using to pump water out of their trays for when they do flushes. And what pumps if any are you using.I have about 2" space where I can get a little pump in there if i can find one that will fit. Thinking ahead for when I cant take the plants out of the tent which is almost now. thanks!


I just use my shop vac to remove water from my trays. Works great.


Turkey Baster. It takes forever!

Shop vac sounds like a better idea.


You can also tape a smaller hose to the end of the shop vac :v:


I use a 2 way non submersable pump. One hose in tray other hose out the door. Plugs into the wall. 3/4" tube.


A bilge pump and a 12v power source . I use it to pump out my catch pans


I use two in the reserve, one for kicking up any sediment while the other flushes it out (sump pumps) one standing upright (solution out) and one laying down (stir sediments).


I built me a rack to set on top of the laundry sink, I set the plant on top the rack and water away.


I pull out runoff for reg water and feed with Turkey baister (maybe 2 pints ) and a 5gal wet/vac for flushes.


All my plants are on carts. I driled small 1/4 inch holes on side near the bottom stuffed a 4 inch piece of same size tubing and the drain all on there own. I just need to check the drain pan every time i water and flush.


These two are sitting on my seed and clone rack. You can see the drain line.

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this is all great. ill check it out when i get back from work…

I use this and just empty the bucket


genius,. i wish i had that kind of headroom. I will be pulling my lights all the way up to the top of the tent soon to try and beat the stretch.

nice! thats a great setup

I forgot I bought a small rigid shop vac basically for this purpose. My wife reminded me as well as you. :rofl:


Thats impressive

I bought the pump because when I had 3 plants it was a BITCH emptying my 5g shop vac like 15 times during flush. If you have 1 or 2 plants it works great but 3 or more can be alot of dumping your bucket because the water in the shop vac will hit around 4g and the ball stopper kicks in so it has a 5g bucket but the water only allows like 4g before auto-stop. Me having 6 plants means an unfathomable abount of dumping buckets compared to the ease of turning on and turning off a dirty water pump.

My 2 cents

Pump easy as pie!

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I hear that. And I have these big 20 gallon plastic tote deals I can dump into then pump down the drain or into the whatever.

What size pump for draining sump during flushes???
X gals per hour??? I was thinking 150 gal an hour?

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