Water pours through soil quickly and is dry next day. Root bound? Hydrophobic?

Hey folks, one of my plants is super droopy when i get up in the morning. Light goes from 1am to 7 pm, so its been on for 5 hours or so by the time I am looking at it. The soil is dry and when I water the water pours through to the saucer pretty quickly. (it perks back up about 30 minutes after watering) When I research online it looks like maybe rootbound or hydrophobic. It’s a 5 gallon pot so i doubt root bound at this point (also i don’t see roots trying to escape the holes on the bottom)

To fix hydrophobic I’m not sure the answers I’m seeing make the most sense for this plant.


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Post photos if you have them. What kind of soil are you using.

Perhaps a support ticket is called for…

A good misting of the top of the soil before watering will help the soil absorb the water

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Cool just read that somewhere else too. Im going to try that. It’s soooo sad to wake up to a droopy plant. I’m just about to flip to flower too, now im thinking i’ll veg this one for another week or so and just flower my very pretty one.

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One on the left, she worked up now. It’s actually a week ahead of the one in right. But growth slowed way down. Left seed is cropped right is gold leaf from here.

Happy frog soil.
1/4 dose nutes. Using dyna grow cause I didn’t read enough to get a better one. This is first grow.
Tent is kept between 76 and 81f. 55RH down to 40RH sometimes. Hard to keep that consistent.

The mist thing seemed to help. I think she retained much more water.


Didn’t start nutes until week 6.

For your next grow I’d consider picking up some fabric pots. They’re cheap and have excellent drainage and aeration. And they allow you to squeeze the pots to break up the soil should you run across compaction of the soil. Also won’t have any issues with root bound.


Thanks for that. Already have a 10pk. :slight_smile: I was worried about stability but have since assuaged my fears.

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