Watch this if you're amazed by mycorrhiza

We watched the Netflix documentary called Fantastic Fungi. It goes into crazy detail about the mycorrhiza that we all know and love to transplant with. The mycology factoids we’re mind-blowing to say the least. Amazing trim jail time passer.


The guy in the documentary is the inspiration for a character on Star Trek Discovery.
Paul Stamets, who on Discovery transports the ship via the mycelial network


Oooo. I do need more of those. I burned through all of Love is Blind out of absolute boredom trimming.

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@Never_Legendary I saw it and it was pretty enlightening. Medicinal shrooms are on the rise. Listen to Ron White on his experience at a retreat island on the Joe Rohan podcast. He used them to battle alcoholism and I think depression in a therapeutic environment.

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I watched that last week. Ron White went to an Ayahuasca retreat. The plant is what is made into a drink consumed for 3-4 nights in a row. That trip had nothing to do with mushrooms. Although I’m thinking he has probably done his share of them lol

I’ve been microdosing psilocybin for 2 years to treat depression. It works fantastically. The results were immediate and I dumped my depression meds 2 weeks after starting.


@Mhcnola I stand corrected lol!! Ty for cleaning that up for me. Short term memory and all…. :smile:

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aka DMT

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Yeah. I started micro dosing and it helps right away - I do forget sometimes outside of the days I’m supposed to take a tolerance break, so perhaps not as “quick” as it could be. But it really doesn’t take a lot to have a much better outlook on life.

@Graysin @MidwestGuy I’d like in on this. How you get started?

Check out these threads.

@Caligurl is super helpful, patient, and has the clearest way to coach someone through literally anything.

Meanwhile, @CoyoteCody ’s thread is rife with so much good information, including where to buy spores, starter kits, etc etc. it’s a very long journal in comparison but it’s the go-to for gettin an education on mushroom growing.