Wanting to try a Organic grow, Any advice on organic nuts?

Looking at getting the base line up for the Nector of the Gods, Bloom city organics or the General hydroponics go box. I have 2 clones of my Afghan wanting to see what they look like running on organic foods. Going to transfer them into 3 gallon fabric pots with FFOF soil this weekend. Any advice will help here are some pics of them under blurple lights. I accidentally watered them with my nut water and burned them oouch but they recoverd nicely. Thanks in advance.

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Many posts here relating to organic growing.
I use mostly Down to Earth dry organic nutrients not only because they have a wide selection but the company since 1977 has been doing things the right way with respect to us and the environment. I also use products from other companies as well. Many good organic nutrient suppliers out there. Just make sure you read the “labels” on products as some seem to be “organic” but really aren’t.
Example fox farm big bloom is organic but tiger bloom is not.
The idea is to supply friendly organic nutrients that feed the critters in the living soil web and they will do the heavy work breaking down those nutrients into a form the plants can use.
You’ll want to populate the soil with those critters and one way to do that is to brew AACT (actively aerated compost tea) and that can be as simple as using worm castings and some unsulfered molasses with dechlorinated tap or better yet RO water and bubble in bucket for 24 hours etc.
Here is a post going into more detail from Boogie Brew which I have been using for about a year or so and am happy with it. There are many options out there for making AACT.
Organic grow with compost tea as main feed

Using mulch on top benefits this style as well.
I’ve also been learning the no till process where I don’t throw away my soil every grow and have to buy new but re amend the soil in the pot with amendments. Or you could dump the old soil into large bins and recycle the soil that way as well adding amendments to recharge it and use again when ready.

Search around this site and the web and you’ll find much info.

Here is a link to a lot of info on this site to look through

Hope this helps and going organic isn’t as hard as you might think.

Hope this helps get you on the path!


@Skydiver so can I just do the tea and not have to buy any of the off the shelf organic nut?

And thanks for the info going to try that tea recipe

@Skydiver hydro store guy just talked me into trying to root organic tea is this any good?

Teas are adding critters to the soil web and are good to use but won’t get you to the end without adding other nutrients unless your using super soil which if made right can get you to harvest.


Not sure haven’t used roots organic teas mix. I’ll look things up when I get a chance and let you know but if it’s from the same company that’s makes roots organic soils I’ll bet it’s good stuff

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Sorry to hijack the post but @Skydiver what do you mean by other nutrients trying to learn some stuff

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I was going to ask that same question like what else would be good to add @Skydiver ? And what do you use for cal-mag replacement? I use RO water need that cal mag.

@Jon051410 @SmokeOne

I use dry amendments top dressed into the soil.
Most are made by Down To Earth as they have a wide selection and are organic.
Things such as oyster shells or egg shells ground up will provide Calcium and Epsom salt will provide magnesium = CalMag.
Feather meal is a good slow release for nitrogen
Blood meal is a fast release for nitrogen
Seabird guano is good for potassium (I think as I’m drunk and medicated…lol)
Langbeinite is good for POTasium (which potash can also be used … potash is from the ashes from a fire using good wood…not treated etc) just have to apply in proper amounts and that’s on the box from DTE

Hope this gives you an idea about what to look for. Some of their products contain fungal spores which when applies will grow and hook up with the roots and form a symbiotic relationships with the plant and they work together and exchange things that are needed like DTE Biothrive which also has other NPK values and I think some calcium or magnesium…agin it’s on their web site

Feel free to ask if you come across other questions…a lot of info on their web site as well as here.

Hope this helps


Earth Juice’s Original 5 is a good line-up. It’s what I use.

If you’re interested in NFTG, there are some great threads dedicated to it. It can be a bit complicated.

The most important part about going organic is understanding and building your soil food web.


@Skydiver I just tried my first brew and I let it bubble for 48 hrs and the water never changed color and I never got that layer of bubbles on top like I see in all the videos. My water was only 240ppm I was using the roots organic turp tea. Couple things that I think could be my problem first I didn’t have a mesh bag so I used a coffee filter 2nd I just picked up a cheap air pump from Walmart that was suppose to be for a 20 gallon tank so I’m thinking maybe that’s to weak or the air stone is not putting out enough bubbles. Do you think one of those things are the problem or might I just need some other amendments to make the tea stronger? My girls look like they loved it.

I’ve never used that brand tea so not sure what color it should be but usually the clear water will darken as it brews to a brownish color. Just follow the directions on the product and you’ll be fine.
Are you saying the end tea was still clear like water after the brew was done?
I would suggest bubbling for closer to 24 hours-36. 48 would in my opinion be the max. 24 hours depending on the mix would be bacterial dominate and that’s what you want. 48 hrs and it becomes more fungal dominant. Just make sure you smell it before using and if it smells earthy your good but if it smells bad like wet rotting grass toss it and start again…you’ll know.
As far as all the bubbles up top (foam) it isn’t necessarily an indication good or bad. As long as you were getting a decent amount of aeration with the set up that’s fine. My pump is similar to this one

as I wanted to have the larger capacity in case I brew a trash can size brew but usually just use 1 or 2 air stones

in a 5 gallon bucket usually with only 4 gallons of water because of the foam with a saucer underneath the bucket for the foam overflow.
I initially used a smaller aquarium pump as I used to have many fish tanks set up and they worked fine. If I need more tea I’ll use 2 buckets and brew 8 gallons at at a time and that’s where the larger pump shines.
The 240 ppm would be fine to feed them the tea straight up or you could dilute it too. I use boogie brew tea mix and when making the normal strength mix (1/2 cup part A and 1/2 cup part B for 5 gallons water) it ends up about 450-550 ppm at least last time I actually checked but I don’t bother checking it anymore as it was pretty consistent ppm from brew to brew. That tea I usually then mix it 1:1 with RO water and feed. You don’t want to adjust the PH of the tea after it has finished just feed.
I usually just dump the mix into the bucket of RO water and brew it. I have bags I can put the mix in but don’t bother anymore. If needed based on how I apply it I will use a big strainer (if I use my battery powered pump as it can clog from residue) that people use in the kitchen and pour it into RO water mixing 1:1 usually just pour it in without straining when using a watering can like one uses for house plants or outside garden…any left over stuff I’ll scrape out and top dress into pots or put in old soil that I’m re amending or into my compost pile.
Make sure to clean everything used in brewing afterwards…bucket, watering can air stones etc…after cleaning the air stones I run them upside down for a bit to help clean them out for next use otherwise you’ll replace them more often.


Yo I so appreciate that response. I need to read it a couple more times just to soak it in. But when you say 1:1 you saying you brew 4 gallons then pour it into 4 more gallons of RO water? And did I read it right you don’t use filter bags? Just strain it if I use my sprayed or pour it on with my watering can?

I appreciate this help the roots organic bag and the website says nothing in detail it’s just basic put 1 tbl per gallon in bag and bubble for 24-48 hrs… and yes my water looked just like ro water lol had a lil smell to it but not very bad. Thanks again.

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Yep 1:1 is 4 gal tea to 4 gal RO or whatever amount you brew but again that’s using boogie brew product…look it up it’s a great mix.
Yep many use bags and even boogie brew sends a burlap bag with order and I used to use it but found it was easier at cleanup time to not have to clean that too. Yep if using foliar feed…veg only for me …not in flower… and when foliar I will strain it first…watering can I don’t strain cause it doesn’t clog it.
Be careful with foliar and do so with lights turned down as the ppm particles can affect the leaves if light full blast. I really don’t foliar much anymore unless say I have a magnesium deficiency and will use about 3-4 ml Epsom salt per quart and foliar spray as it acts quicker than adding to water and watering it in or top dressing it and watering later etc.
Again a ton off info on boogie brew site as well as many other organic products…check them out.
Also I use down to earth dry nutrients line check out their site…much good info and been around since 1977 and respects the earth (DTE) products to build my soil before using as well as supplement during grow and re amend old soil…either dump and amend or what I do now is no till so leave soil in pots and amend it with their stuff for next grow.
Here is a link to my journal

and you may get some info from there as well as others that post on this forum. Link is my last post. The video shown is well worth the time to watch it…scroll back up my journal some good stuff about Organics etc.

Look here too

And here


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Just started a new batch of tea for tomorrow’s feeding/watering
Here is my set up…

RO water in bucket with sea 90
image|666x500 !
Using one air stone with the other 5 taps on valve shut off.

Added 1 Tbsp of sea 90 and then 1/2 cup part A and 1/2 cup part B boogie brew and the last pic shows right after adding boogie brew and it isn’t clear…it’s dark brown and rich. Will be fed in 24-30 hours as I want a bacterial dominant tea. Put a lid on it to keep the light from it as the critters don’t like the light…when done I do usually have a foam and that will run over sides a bit so I have the saucer under the bucket.

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nice set up i like that pump going to order me one.
i was about to give the brew another try but how long can i keep the left over tea? cause i am only using it for my 3 girls in 3 gal fabric pots so i dont think i will need that much so i was wondering should i just make 1gal and do the 1:1 like you said and water all 3 with the 2 gallons or do i go ahead and make 4:4 mix and save some for the next feed? i just watered them with a top dressing of the tea and the roots organic elemental a couple days ago and they about due for another tomorrow torn between starting a brew or just mixing it all in the water and pouring it in.

side question is that straw in that bucket and is that used in your tea?

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Teas need to be used pretty much the same day you finish brewing give or take 6-12 hours after that the food in the mix like molasses (sugars) will be depleted and the critters that are multiplying in the tea will run out of food and it will go bad with all those rotting corpses…lol
You can brew up to around 48 hours if you want a fungal dominant tea and you can extend the brew a bit longer by adding more food like molasses unsulphered like in the pic or other food sources but if you push it the tea will go bad and kill stuff.
Yea I am currently using 4 gallons brewed and mix that 50:50 with RO water as I’m using atm 8 gallons to water them all as well as using some on my cooking soil and earth worm farm and a couple house plants. I have brewed just a gallon at a time and 50:50 that too when needing less. Sometimes I’ll brew 2 buckets at a time when the plants are bigger and drinking a lot. Just adjust your recipe to fit your needs.
I just watched a great video last week that led me to pretty much stick with the 24 hour brew time for bacterial dominant teas during the grow to maintain a good soil Ph.
The Myco fungi so what you’ll want to either inoculate the roots with at transplant time/s as the proper strain shown on the slides have been proven to play well with cannabis roots to help feed them. The Myco fungi exude (poop) an acidic Ph (below 7) poo and the bacteria exude (poop) a basic PH above 7 and the two together will help keep the soil Ph within a good range…from what I learned from the video (posted on my journal)
Up to you but I don’t use my dry tea mix and top dress with it as it ends up costing more and is less effective than brewing. I do top dress with worm Poo from time to time and will even toss a handful of that into my brew in addition to the boogie brew. It’s more effective brewing / growing the bacteria etc than top dressing it.

The straw I use as a mulch to help with water retention as well as food for the critters as well as the leaves I remove just like a mini indoor compost pile you need your browns (straw) and your greens (leaves) and the critters munch on that break it down over time and add carbon nitrogen etc etc to the soil that plants can eventually use…just like an outside garden.
One of the slides do reference a different type of tea that I really haven’t delved into but will shortly as it also looks like a winner.

The video is great to watch if you find the time…taught me a lot I didn’t know and reaffirmed some that I thought I knew…lol
Long post but the more I share what I’m learning the better I am at explains things thoroughly for others to get it.

Hope this helps


Just to reiterate the process of brewing is to give the critters time to multiply enough to make a bigger impact…more of them eating and pooping more food out for the plants etc…food chain.
By just tossing some of the mix on top of soil or quick mix into feed water won’t do much as no process brewing to give them time to multiply and that’s what this is all about a billion critters eating and pooping food for other things and ultimately the plants nutrients.


What a great start to this thread.

Knowledge kicking back and forth from everyone. Love it