Want out door grow

Have 5 week old white widow I think I want to put out side will there be be a problem in doing that

Shouldn’t be a problem that’s what I do at around 6 weeks

Just make sure that you have at least 14 hrs of daylight before putting them outside.

To make absolutely sure that they didn’t start the flowering process I waited until I had 15 before putting mine outdoors.

This deals with photos, autos aren’t subject to the light cycle like photos.

Make sure to introduce her to the outside for a few hours a day just dont toss her out as the power of the sun will be to much and would be a shock to her id do this for about a week then she would be fine to go out permanently


That’s exactly how I do it. I also switch my lights to 18/6 for the last 2 weeks before I transplant them outside permanently. Usually around June 10th-15th. Last time my plants grew from a little over a foot tall to over 6ft with 1 over 7 had to do some emergency super cropping on it.