Vivosun 6" oscillating fans out of stock everywhere

The Vivosun 6" oscillating clip-on fans are out of stock everywhere, and Vivosun doesn’t know when they’ll get more.

Any suggestions for alternatives? Amazon shows larger fans that are oscillating, or six-inch fans that do NOT oscillate.

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Check five below if you have in your area. They have cheap little fans in the stores by me or order online

Didn’t someone do a post about the Vivosun clip on fans catching fire? You may wanna look at other brands.


Really? I’ve got one that stopped oscillating I use for airflow now and a working one I leave on all the time for about a year and a half! Cross my fingers. :roll_eyes:

In stock whoops might be wrong model…

Yeah the last time I recommended fans for air circulation , several people commented on a journal where the guys tent almost burned up can’t remember who was telling me.


i saw it too. what a mess

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I just can’t remember who @pptrsha1 ah ha @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie


Yep. I’ve seen a few posts on IG about the Vivosun 6" clip fan catching fire.



Yes not good fans, weak and they don’t oscillate for long.

Get a non oscillating monkey fan best bang for your buck


Cross my fingers​:thinking: one stopped occilating a second works fine both on 24/7. :roll_eyes: I did look inside one before sending it back, the wire was catching on a part etc. I can see why that could lead to a fire - not cool.

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I don’t bother with oscillating fans any more, they all stop oscillating at some point and end up usually pointing in the wrong direction when that mechanism dies. Have a long time grower friend that got bud rot recently when his fan stopped oscillating and was not blowing on the plants for a couple days during last week of flowering.


One of the reasons I’m in there multiple times through the day. Good advice though for sure. :grin:


Wow, I really don’t need a house fire.

I’ll look around for other options.

Thanks, grow team!


Probably made in the area of China that is under 1-20 foot of water from the massive flooding in China’s agricultural and industrial zone. Plus they have lost all of 2020 food production including domestic live stock. Things are very bad in China right now boys and girls


Look at the monkey fans again get one that’s stationary

Yep , I heard the same thing

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I was having the same issue, locating a decent fan.
I bought a cheapie amazon fan that doesn’t oscillate but it was good for the moment.
However, with having a grow tent now I need something better. Need something to movie air
on two axis now. Floor to plants and CO2 pick up to exhaust. If I added a oscillating fan it would accomplish my goals, but WHERE TO FIND ONE? By chance, I found a small oscillating fan on the BAY. I’m certainly not going to promote a site I detest.

This post is only meant to help those looking for a quick fix until a more suitable replacement is readily available to the masses. On the BAY look for these key words:

Portable, Mini, Table USB fan for Travel/Home/Office with Oscillation 5 inches

And it’s less than $20 including shipping.

Mine is supposed to arrive this week. I’ll let everyone know if it’s a pile of junk and
to avoid if it is a bad buy.

Just trying to help.
Hope everyone has an AWESOME week and weekend.

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I see so many usb/battery fans but I feel they wouldn’t be powerful enough or that they wouldnt run when plugged in… Like I wish grow companys made a really good fan ugh.

Tag me when you first test it!