Virginia Grow Question

Today is August 24th and my girls is closing in on 7’, she’s starting to show the beginnings of bud, my concern is i have a couple months before frost is that enough time before harvest?


We are still over 12 hours a day light here; I think they said DC is now 6am - 8pm of daylight; from what I understand they will really take off once the daily hours drop off a bit more.


Ya they are about to take off I’m not far from you and this is something I’ve observed between my indoor and outdoor. They grow/mature a little different due to different light cycles

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Don’t worry should be ready be the middle to end of October. Mine will be and I am further North then you are.

Been in the ground since March in Central Virginia. Hopefully harvesting around 10/15

I’m in NY same situation they always seem to finish on time

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@VirginiaGrowBoy might know a thing or two on this. Unless the name is just a bit of cleverness.

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My outdoor plants are Autos so afraid I can’t help others in Va on this subject.

Besides, I live in the mountains so it frosts here earlier to than the rest of the state.


They will finish, weather may force you to chop early.

BUT it has been so dry we could see a longer outdoor season before the rain moves in…a week of rain in September always makes me chop my girls early…bud rot blows…happy gardening

You’ll be fine, you will know the right time when you smell your girls and your eyes turn red and you start to drool. :v: :heart_eyes: :+1: cheers

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Thanks for all your help

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Do you have any outdoor plants?

Not any more