Veg room is W 2’ x L 6’ x H 8’

A question of a fellow grower:

The strain is your Banana Kush
3 or 4 plants, ea in a cloth 5 gallon 12” pot (once sprouts are transplanted).
Dirt is organic potting soil 40% + sand 25% + perlite 35%

Nutes are Advanced Nutrients: Grow Micro Bloom

Veg room is W 2’ x L 6’ x H 8’
4 4’ fl tubes in 2 strips w/ about 6” between them.
The lights are on vertical blind mech w/ strings so I can easily move them up and down.
I’m not real concerned with the veg room.

Flower room is:

W 2’ x L 2’ x H 8’
Light is 500 W HPS on a vertical blind mech so it can move vertically quite a bit (near the floor).
Walls covered in mylar.
One side is blackout drapery w/ zipper sewn in top to bottom.
The floor is a 2 x 2 wood drip pan heavily painted with Flex Seal liquid, on the floor.
It’s not made yet. The dimension has to be 2x2 but if you’ve got a better suggestion . . . please do.

I want to put FOUR Banana Kush plants into the 2’ X 2’ flower room.
I’m confident that I can squeeze the 4 cloth pots into the space.
Each plant will have been topped twice when young.

I should have 4 or 5 prominent tops on each plant when they move to flower if I do it right (I’ve done it more than once).

That’s like 16+ tops in a very bright 2x2 space. Yea, that might be a bit much huh?

Six foot tall plants would not be a problem at all.
What is my best plan of attack?

I think your flowering room will be too small for 4 plants . Your might be able to get 4 pots in a 2x2 area but the plants themselves will need a lot more space than that . 4 plants can grow well in a 4x4 area . I grew 4 plants in a 2x4 tent and I could have gotten a lot better yield if they had more room to grow . Air circulation would be my concern in that small area during flower .


Thanks for your reply.
Yea, 4 topped plants I think are too much.
Ventilation isn’t a problem. I’ve got a pretty big duct fan in the attic space.
Height wouldn’t be a problem but Banana Kush isn’t known as ‘tall’.

I’m hoping to learn the best way for me to do this.

I’d swap the sand for more potting soil and go 65/35. The sand might not drain very well and cause the medium to retain moisture, maybe root rot.

I find it a little puzzling that you want to run a veg space 3x the size of your flowering space. Can you help me understand what you’re looking to accomplish? I also feel like you’ll struggle keeping multiple plants that are topped a few times in a space that small.

I think your best plan of attack would be to reevaluate your grow rooms again . Like maybe do 3 plants in the 2x6x8 area for veg and flower and just change light . Most growers using a 2x2 area will grow one plant and they will move to a bigger flowering area not a smaller one .

Thanks for your replies.
Sand aids drainage, that’s why it’s there.
It’s a closet. Making a 2X4 flower room is difficult due to doors.
It’s 2X2. I’ve grown 3 plants over 6’ high in it before. The yield was pretty high.
Banana Kush is not known to be very tall.

I’ll have to think about it.
Thanks for your help.