Veg into bloom stage with claw down

Hey yall …so I’m indoor in 7 gallon pots using Foop nutrients under a 650 led Mars hydro. Anyways. I just ended the last week of veg and entering flowing. Or I already have small tiny flowers and pistals. Well, the one plant is showing signs that it got to much nitrogen… Only some leaves are curling down. So my guess is , I should of used the bloom nutrients a few days back and it’s pissed off. My question is… How long y’all think it’ll be pissed off. Full recovery? Just a quarter of the leaves … like the top new growth is claw down. Any feed back on recovery …tomorrow I start day 1 bloom nutrients… hopefully they will level out


Can you add some photos of what you’re talking about?

Generally, I recommend a “mini flush” I.e. 2x the amount of water you would normally feed to get to runoff. If you would usually feed 2gal of water, give her 4 gallons of plain PH 6.5 water to rinse out some of the excess nutrients and try to get the ph nice and stable. Then you can finish off with maybe 1gal of Bloom nutes.

This is extremely generalized advice though. More information and photos would be ideal.

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the plant im slightly concerned about is the picture of the single close up… i took a day off of watering and now started everything on foop bloom nutrients. Foop is different because its not hard organic chemicals… but actually food witch is eaten by the fungi in the soil and convertes to plant food. so because of this … not thinking i need to flush… thoughts… these plants are day 31 in 7 gallon pots with fox farm ocean and frog bags

pictures taken right after water session!

Did they look this way before the watering?
How soon after watering is the pic?

It’s normal to see drooping following watering.