Using garden staples

Hello fellow growers question picked up some metal garden staples to tie down plant was wondering if the rust from the staples in soil will harm plant

Those wires look coated. I think they’ll be fine.

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Agreed looks good I would use them

I have used these in the yard to put down weed barrier and over time they were rusted I read that rust is iron oxide and won’t harm plants due to it not being water soluble. Thks

Yeah they got a rubber coating around them right

No that’s my concern they are not rubber coated

I had some that looked similar. They rusted. They caused a rust color at the location on the plant that it was holding down, but I never detected a long term health impact. As soon as there was significant rust on the spike, I would remove or replace them, as I had gotten a boatload of them for cheap.

Thks my thoughts exactly came pack of 50 I’ll just change them every feeding or noticeable rust