Using argon when curing buds

From a fellow grower: My question:
Do the nugs need to be exposed to the oxygen in their closed containers during the cure?

Partially filled containers of wine, paint, and plastic resins are often filled with inert argon gas to prevent oxidation after they are first opened. Argon is heavier than air and displaces most of the oxygen in the container, so the contents do not change chemically from oxidation and remain ''fresh." Small pressurized containers of argon for use with wine and paint are relatively inexpensive and easy to find.

I doubt that mold could grow without oxygen, so I thought that filling nug jars with argon would preserve the contents during cure and storage. I have never found anything written about this.

If oxidation of the nugs while curing is necessary to the cure, it would not be a useful idea. Argon will not react chemically with anything, so immersion in argon will not in itself chemically change the nugs.


I’ve not heard of ever using anything but natural air for curing. There is a water cure method, where you submerge the buds in room temp water, and change the water 1-2x a day until it stays clear, but that’s the only nonstandard curing method I’ve read.

Maybe you could try just a small portion of your harvest. I’m curious of changes in the smoke/terpene/aroma, all that jazz. Would it burn the same curing it in a different gaseous atmosphere? Very interesting. Maybe @Myfriendis410 might have some knowledge here. If he doesn’t mind the tag, @Pet_de_Chien drops bombs of growing knowledge, as well.


Curing in ambient air allows the flower to break down and gas off excess CO2 and water. That’s the reason for burping. I don’t know that you’d have the same effect using Argon. You certainly won’t ruin your flower though.


May be a good idea for long-term storage, but oxidation is necessary for the removal of chlorophyll during the curing stage.


wow, ive only seen high purity argon used in surgery when i ordered medical gases for the hospital

Wow that sounds like you’re taking a task and making it even harder imo

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Wow I think your way over thinking this