Updates with one concern

I have 3 auto runtz all planted at same time all did something different I did top one which is obvious

These are my 2 purple punch not autos. Planted same time same light everything both did different as well don’t know why some of the leaves look like they do

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I know my set up is not the best

Nice job! Following

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Id recommend on your next grow to use fabric pots. Your roots and soil need to breathe. It looks to be overwatered. How is your drainage in the buckets? Are you allowing the soil to dry out before you water again?


Runtz auto for 3 purple punch feminized for 2 ilgm fertilizer with there schedule water roughly every 2 to 3 days depending on the soil running 18 hour light temps range between 70 an 77 day an night 5 gallon buckets with holes it it indoor ac an stationary fans ph ranges between 6 to 7 for the most part not so sure about my lights they are not the best

Yeah letting them dry just about completely out that one plant was doing good an the next day some the leaves looked funny having hard time tracking down why cause haven’t had a single problem with it an haven’t changed nothing

Looks like the feet are overly wet. Are there holes in that bucket for drainage :love_you_gesture:

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Yes I would say plenty of holes it’s mainly the very bottom fan leaves an only the ones at topped sites

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Fabric pots are better than plastic buckets, IME, unfortunately, cause I have free bucket source. Even with drilled/melted multiple holes hundreds, (for air, fabric still does better).
Sides & bottom holes not as good as fabric, but free, maybe.


So it’s continuing to go down hill it’s not over watering. But I have come to find out my temps during the day was really high would that slowly make the leaves drop like this top of the plant still looks good

So every day more leaves turn an I can’t figure out why any ideas really droopy an turning dry an yellow

Do you have a ph meter and a tds meter? Need to know a runoff ph and a ppm at runoff first.

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Ph normally hangs around 6 always

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It’s just the bottom fan leaves slowly one after the other think could be root bound

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Either rootbound or youre in lockout. Thays why im wondering what runoffs are.

Agree with @ChittyChittyBangin also would recommend getting the PH closer to a specific sweet spot. 6.5 for soil and 5.8 for coco :love_you_gesture:

Thanks alot I was considering re potting today adding new an more soil that’s the only thing I can think of everything is the same big plants an little plants are all the same but only the big plants are getting droopy

My best guess is the plants shedding those lower leaves because they are not getting enough light.
New top growth looks healthy.

Cloth bag for up=potting/re-potting. IMO