Unhappy in Belgium

Hi there! Just out of curiousity, has PM May mentioned anything about legalization in England, or is she too busy with Brexit and elections? I’m in Belgium, there is no talk at all about legalization here, our Minister of Health Jabba the Hutt has other more important issues…like donuts, pizza and KFC. I’m so jealous of the folks in the US who are growing legally, when I was young I always thought Europe was progressive (maybe because of the Netherlands) and America was behind. Seems the situation is reversed. Good morning, everyone!


Legal or not it makes no difference here in the mountains, we are growing …:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I’ve always said that whether it’s legal or not I’ll still be growin my own medicine haha


For sure brother, its same as I was making homemade plum brandy with my uncle back in day…
Called Slivovice, now that was some strong medicine whooooa!!


Yes I have to agree it’s a bad choice of words. I think it should be edited ASAP
Separately if your point wa that she doesn’t seem remotely uniquely qualified for that position. It’s evident in the nature of her work that the concept of you practice what you preach is actually visibly evident.


Legal? What’s that? Not here anyway… heck I’ll do it anyway


I don’t care who it is the government needs to but out of peoples business it’s a choice of the people but unfortunately they don’t see it that way but I don’t care I’m not putting their chemicals in my body anymore I’ll make my own


Mass resident<-------- therefore legally can have 9 plants growing :wink: