Unexpected seed found

Last summer was my very first grow after decades of curiosity lol. I removed the males once they were identifiable and ultimately harvested a very potent strain and recently while trimming I discovered a seed. Obviously I cannot be sure if a neighbor or whatnot is where the pollen may have originated (?) but I lean towards a stressor more. I admittedly couldn’t leave them alone all summer because I was so amped but eventually noticed that 2 of the 10 started growing 3 petaled fan leaves. The terps were off as well on this pair. These are the ladies I’m trimming now. What are the chances that an unpollinated plant will produce a feminized seed? I’d love to grow this seed in a optimal location in my yard but will be frustrated if I have to chop it in July/Aug. I found ILGM while searching for feminized seeds due to a 50% male rate with my current seeds.

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It’s common for a female plant to produce a couple of seeds. It’s a different story if you find dozens of them.

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Seeds are the luck of the draw.
Pollination is not explained by the plant.
Good luck…
Cull the plant
Hunt and collect all the seeds.
Test 10 for germination and you will know.

The plant was harvested awhile ago, I’ve just slowly been working on her and while trimming happened upon a singular seed. I was surprised to see it. I haven’t stumbled upon any additional since either.