Understanding timelines for growth / flowering

I’m growing Harlequin fem and have a question about how it’s written on the website for the seeds. It says:

Flowers 8 to 9 weeks

Does that mean I should flip the lights to a 12/12 at 8-9 weeks, or does that mean that once I flip the lights it will take 8-9 weeks of flowering before harvest?

I don’t quite understand how the timing works as written!

Imho i would veg until you get your plant at a point to where you’re happy with her stature and then flip to 12&12 and watch her blossom :bamboo::muscle::sunglasses:


Thanks - but then once the lights are flipped, is THAT the 8-9 weeks I have to wait? or does that “Flowering 8 to 9 weeks” mean it’s 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest?

how do I know how long to let her grow after I flip?

Usually when you flip they take a week or two I start counting my weeks after the first week of flip for flower but ever grower is different

Yes after flip approximately 8 weeks or so …

That is a general time frame that it takes to flower under perfect growing conditions which home growers don’t achieve. Add say 3 days for soak and germinating. The maybe 2 to 3 days to break soil. Depending on how long you Veg so let’s say 30 days and she is flowering. Then add in at least 8 to 9 weeks for flowering.

Then a general rule is an additional 2 weeks to flowering and bam, you kind of got a good ball park figure. Most of my plants is done in 4 months. I grow only 12/12 so it’s a little slow at first then picks up steam.

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What Mr. Peat said. At least two weeks longer than what they say, and that’s after the 12/12 flip.

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Yes. Published times are an estimate of flowering time after you flip to 12/12.