Uncle Ben's topping technique

Hey guys have any of you tried the Uncle Ben’s technique to get 4 main colas ? Seems labor efficient on the other side will the colas be big enough to make up for the loss of not having 20 to 25 bud sites ? Thanks

I just looked it up. Seems like the mainline technique described over at growweedeasy.

It does but ben just does 4 kolas, Ithink I’ll stay with topping and lst and leave the trying new things to the experts lol, any idea what’s the max bud sites you can give a plant without making them too small ?

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Four colas! ha look what purple haze does with topping and training!


That’s A+ let me see if I can get my 15 like that

How long was that veg time ?

My nugs weren’t that big last time I just gave it a month tho from seed.


I did 30 days veg in hydro, I flipped it and now are 66 days flowering, 104 days from planting! I averaged about 100 days a grow. I did a Durban poison and got 20oz in a plant.

That is one plant purple haze, the sativa plants grow big in size and volume. the colas are longer. This Chocolope is indica and has fatter colas

the hazy are


Good job though, I did a lot of plants in the beginning but I realized that I could do better with six or less. I have a 4x8x6 tent, using 2 HLG lights 500v2, Six DWC five gallon buckets! We grow and learn to listen to the plants they will tell you what you need to do.


@Pizmopete My Blue Dream which is 70% Sativa. You can get a fat cola off a Sativa. Just saying…:+1::+1::+1:


Yeah baby now that’s what I am taking about! Sweet dreams!FB_IMG_1567261719913


@Pizmopete Love that meme. That is pure gold right there. :joy::joy::joy:

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I’m doing super skunk which is easy and smells crazy, I left a mother now for clones, I will get the clones going 3 weeks before this one finishes my hope is to use that room just to flower, I’m going to try the SOG method and fill it up, I think I can fit up to 60 plants there in 2 gallon pots might need 2 mother plants for so many clones what do you think ?

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Here’s my California dream plant topped once with lst then put a screen above it for scrog setup

Sorry been at work all day


Ow That’s really nice buddy, I probably couldnt do it like that because I have 15 plants but next time I’ll do like 5 and try it that way, now I’m trying to get about 8 nice size colas not really bud sites

Now you know Moses was a smoker my buddy did edibles to you know about the burning bush right yeah that’s right it was a pot plant

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My blue ninja which is a cross between blue dream and ninja limone is that her seventh week of flour, she was always short maybe because I talk to her eight times I topped her main top the surrounding tops and then topped the two new main tops twice and up at eight colas


Hey guys should I do the first top in the solo cups or after transplant ?

Transplant, let the transplant shock wear off, then top. Really the plant shouldn’t be big enough to top of it’s still in a solo cup. You have a pic?