UK Cheese Autoflower struggles

Hi All

Thanks to many on this forum including @Donaldj @Majiktoker I have just completed my fourth successful grow and harvest. Learned a lot but struggle to get better. Case in point my new grow or lack of.

Crop King Seeds CBD UK Cheese autoflower
Promix Organic soil
Under a 15w florescent tube till established
temp day is 25c night 20 c
humidity 75% day

I successfully germinated two seeds and placed them in peat pots with organic Promix soil. They broke the surface 3 days later and were doing fine till this:


And it happened to both seedlings. I trashed the other one. Is there anyway to recover this one? I’m germinating another UK Cheese seed but do not want the same results.

Am I over watering? I spray mist the top of the soil every other day or when it looks dry.
Has been a few months since I started a new girl but this is frustrating.

Any ideas wonderful people?

Maybe that soil is to hot… I use Jiffy tabs for seedling. And definitely them are stretching for light… And also put a small fan, that will help the stem

Light too far
Needs light breeze
Pot not airated enough for roots
Over watered


Thanks @Fever. You just solved my problem :blush:

Defiantly not enough light! That’s a lot of stretch for three days old.

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@HJL try putting a stick in soil and standing her back up get light closer see if she recovers also just mist soil a couple times a day she won’t use much water right now

Light source is definitely too far from the plant. That is causing the stretching. Try the stick for support and top off the pots for additional stem support. Make sure you are pHing your water as well.