Twisted new growth and droopy leaves

@BrayneGro Hey all, do broad mites or other bugs cause twisted new growth?
I have 3 plants that went into dual root zone pots and the planter bed almost 2 weeks ago now.
They had thrips so I treated with Big Time Exterminator. Foliar spraying since before transplant every few days.
Im not seeing anymore bugs.
Is it maybe a reaction to the spray?

Something to due with the aquaponics water and nutes? Although the last grow went great and no changes to the system were made between grows. Just used a lil epsom salt. They’re starting to look at lil hungry to.

Never seen this before.

Thanks for lookin!




It’s more likely to be the Big Time Exterminator

From the manufacturer

Dilution above 75/ml/gallon may cause leaf tip burn and or pistil burn in some varieties.

Recommended Application:

Spray with lights off once room temp has stabilized. Increased air circulation and or ventilation is recommended.

Foliar:Use 50-150ml per Gallon

Soil Drench:Use 1-10ml per Gallon

Active Ingredients:

.05% Citric Acid

Inert Ingredients:

.01% Potassium Sorbate
74.08% Yeast/Enzymes
24.86% Filtered Water

So, @Indica_Dogo, what dilution you have made, you may have the answer if you went over 75 ml/ gallon and/or done the application in light period…

Sometimes too much of a good thing is a bad thing :wink: Just a hunch… Water spray rince your foliage is what I would try first…

~Al :v: :innocent:


I’ve used organocide with great results, even until first weeks of flowering one time. Never had twisted growth, and is in a drz aquaponics also


@Niala Awe! After reading your post is checked and my math was way off and I was using it to strong!
I am gonna correct the mix and continue it.
I believe that is the reason for the strange growth.
Thanks again all!
@Mrcrabs I didn’t know you were doin drz aquaponics! That’s bad ass sir! And so much fun learning to grow some great smoke and some great fish!


Water spray rince first @Indica_Dogo and let them recuperate before doing another application, imo :wink::v:


Here she is 1 month into flowering

only have a few grows doing aquaponics but getting better every time.


Will do thanks!

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Those buds are frosty as hell, a beauty for sure! How’s it smelling?
I love the smell and flavorsome I get with drz aquaponics. My first plant smelled like bubble gum. It was amazing!

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Thanks, there starting to stink up the room of some nice piney smell.

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Just barely saw this bro. Looks like these guys got you covered though. Good luck on this run sir.

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