Twisted leaves help

Hello this is my first time/attempt at growing. I’m growing a northern lights autoflower and a blue dream photo fem. I’ve noticed several twisted leaves on my autoflower it’s just past fives weeks. Any ideas, comments, suggestions. Thank you.

Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you! Pictures in natural light would be great to help with your question.

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I took them out of the tent for those pics, is that not bright enough?

Not seeing any pics.

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The plant looks healthy. I wouldn’t worry about those leaves.

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Hum, I am not seeing any twisting? Looks pretty good to me!

Thanks guys. This has been challenging and fun. It’s definitely teaching me patience.

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FIRST TIME GROWNER😇 I’m having leaflet twisting up toward the light and they are starting to look dark greenish purple can u tell me what I’m doin wrong. Yesterday I put a ziplock bag🥴^doom over my seedling the seedling fell over so I was trying nurture them & I was goin through stunted growth I don’t kn why but it’s grown really slowwww

oh and I have turmeric on the top soil bc I have flying bugs🥴 :thinking:****