Tweety birds in the garden

i have noticed a rather large amount of tweety birds in my new outdoor garden space. like at any one time i can see at least 2 of them on the ground under the plants. this is good? i know they eat unwanted pests. but they also eat earth worms that are beneficial. thoughts? tweetys%20009

Can u get a better photo and upload it thru the thingy. Cant see it very well. But no idea on their helpfulness or not. I do know they should eat little bugs and also keep u great company :wink::wink:

They should be good, earthworms are deep within the root system, chicken in other hand will uproot your plants

sorry about the blurry pic. its actually a screenshot of the surveillance video. i can try to get a better pic, but im wondering thy? if u are trying to identify the bird, there are several kinds of tweetys congregating here. i see them bathing in the dirt around the roots or eating bugs there. we have a lot of hawks and im wondering if they like the overhead cover of the scrog nets :slight_smile:

As long as you don’t find them stoned passed out on the ground…they are helping by eating bugs. And…adding light fertilizing poop. Worms dun come out in daylight…unless it’s a flood.