Tuna water good?

Last season I put the water from canned in spring water tuna on my babies , and they seemed to have loved it. Anything to this, or was it just my imagination ?

I’m not sure if I would recommend it myself
I suppose there could have been some good stuff in the water
All I can say grow a few plants of the same strain clones would be best actually and take one as a test subject and try it note your results and report back

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It was your imagination…running away with you…

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Actually it probably isn’t bad for your plants. Did you test the water for PH and nutrients before you gave it to the plants? Did you dilute it with additional water?

Canned tuna is generally high in salt (sodium chloride, specifically).

Salt is not good for your plants. Is there enough salt (in tuna water) to harm them? Perhaps not but I would not put that on my plants.

Yes I did dilute, also added a little urine, which might be reason plants seemed to love it.

I read that about my Durban Poison. They said human urine is one of the things that it liked. Not a lot but there is some sort of enzyme we humans produce that it likes. The tuna water probably has some potassium and manganese that is beneficial too in some amounts.

this is comedy, right?

@James68 If you are talking about our conversation about the human urine as fertilizer nope. Not comedy.

This is a quote from the link.
" 1. Human urine works as a fertilizer . You read that right. Our own urine has properties that make it useful as a fertilizer. It’s high in nitrogen which is one of the three major nutrients that marijuana requires (the others being phosphorous and potassium)."

I was also serious about the possibility of potassium in that tuna water as well.


Yes, I know the urine is good. I tried for first time last year, after reading about it .With a positive results. Nothin’ funny about big stinky buds ! !

i get the urine thing its just that flies and theircousins love soil with tuna water to lay their eggs in

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I get the urine thing as long as the Pissee is not taking any medication, I was advised not to add it due to my statins intake for my heart condition… as for the Tuna water its just that flies and their cousins love soil with tuna water in it to lay their eggs in…:frog:

this is great as you also get a hot cup of java in the process…west wales uk

Coffee grounds contain several key minerals for plant growth — nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and chromium (1).

Sounds like a recipe for infestations if you ask me, especially is your soil’s microherd isn’t big enough to breakdown the tuna juice properly.

Are you just adding tuna juice because you opened a can of tuna and decided, oh wth, let’s try this? Or do you really plan on buying tuna fish just to use the juice on your plants?

Tuna is high in iron and potassium. Then, you added your own urea, right? The pee probably helped break down the tuna juice a bit, as it can be used to accelerate the breakdown of organic matter (pee should be diluted with water 10:1). I guarantee there are more appropriate and effective plant supplements for cannabis out there. However, if you choose the fishy-peepee method, just be vigilant about pests and your pH.


I do take opiates, but it seems that would only help ! (lol)

hav a look at the video on this website to get some down home info


I definitely put coffee grounds in my compost bin. Who don’t like a good cup of joe ?

we dig it the most here in western wales :coffee:

NO the tuna was a one time experiment . I know fish can be good , so wth. Instead of pouring down the drain, I tried it. Definitely did not hurt. ( that I could tell ) It was quite diluted. I don’t have a ph meter. Have always just used the water that comes from my well. Would I be better off using water from nearby creek ? Or is there no way of knowing without checking with meter ?

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You need a way to check pH, for sure.