Trying to identify some seeds labeled "HG"

Hey so I’ve had this great strain for a while I got from somebody and it was labeled just HG when I got it and I have no idea what strain it is. It is great though and I would like to know just for future reference. It is definitely a sativa leaning I’m pretty sure because it’s very tall growing and in flour adds about 200% height to it. It sometimes shows little bits of purple and has very very frosty buts with relatively small yields I would like to try mixing it with my LA confidential.

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Hmm so going through a list of strains that start with h I have Hawaiin gold, hazey gorilla, heavens gate , heart of gold, it could just be " high grade", but the most probable one is Himalayan gold .


Well thank you so much I will get to looking at all of those when I get time

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