Trimming and timing

How long does white widow Bloom and should I be trimming any thing? I see most plants looking pretty bare with no leaves just buds…

They look pretty dam good. I wouldn’t cut off anything .

Yeah, you should not be doing much pruning at all during flowering and you almost never want to be cutting off the large fan leaves, they are like the solar power panels of your plants: How to Prune Marijuana Plants & Maximize Your Yields by 25%

I must be doing ok? This is about 4 weeks into 12/12. I’m guessing about 4 more?! Getting anxious now…

Progressing nicely.

Thanks! This is my first crop. I have 4 total. One I had to move early because a light broke but its ok. Am I correct? about 4 more weeks?

This is the one I had to move early because of lighting issues. I had read about FIM and wanted to give it a try. I guess it worked out OK it reminds me of old timer thai sticks lol

Mouth Watering…

Thanks for giving me nice dreams…

Keep growing. Lok great.

I can’t believe I would have harvested her had I not had this support forum. I fimmed,had lighting problems, and here its been almost 3 months in bloom. I have removed 3/4 colas this month with an ounce plus on each branch. I made tincture in my magic butter machine that is wonderful. Oil for brownies that rock and peanutbutter blossoms on the way! This is the last of the four stems? I hope to harvest for a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

My “virtual” grow! Curious about the four little blossoms and how long they will keep blooming!

If you feel that you have an area, not ready for harvest; Take the Buds you want to harvest, leaving enough of the stems to allow plant to function. Leave remaining buds on plant and continue to finish for another week or so.

Once you see no more white “new” pistils; she is done blooming.