OK here we go again with weirdness. (I seem to specialize in weirdness) My Godfather OG Hermi is about 5 weeks in flowering. Broke a few lower bud branches off gaining access to another plant.

Looped the buds and saw amber eye trichomes!

Looped upper/middle buds and still clear.

Has anyone ran into this?
(oh by the way dried the little buds and had an early preview smoke)


Yes if the lower buds were outer/perimeter not inner/crowded. and other strange patterns when breaking up a plant flowering i find more and less mature buds sometimes bright green could be the light sometimes or they been either exposed or buried long in other buds maybe air exposure too or could be distance from resource and condition of that branch’s phloem and xylem (plumbing). I think the well trained plants’ (not mine) spacing and organization is big benefit. Samples for your work, good day farmer


This whole statement is spot on!