Trichomes microscope for IPhone X

I purchased a microscope lens and tripod to check the Trichomes color.
Found one that was supposed to fit on my IPhone X.
It’s pretty much useless. Slips so much I can’t get a single picture. Plus it’s pretty blurry.
Paid $25 for it so I expected it to work better.
Been searching Amazon for another one but can’t find any that fit IPhone X.
Does anyone have one that works for my phone?

I saw that one on Amazon.
Was inexpensive.
Didn’t say if it fit the IPhone X.
How are the pics?
Is 60X strong enough to see the Trichomes well?

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I found the same problem with the clip on models tried a few different ones couldn’t get them to work went back to my pocket scope 100x mag
I may try again with a pc style camera

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I had some issues with the clip on magnifiers. It did work well in my hand to look through, but taking a picture was kinda difficult clipped onto the phone. It still worked though. Nothing compared to your HD1080p 4K photographs, respectfully.

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@raustin has a camera for her phone that gave really good pictures for her grow journal maybee she can give some good camera recommendations i saw a nice microscope for 17 dollars that plugs into your computer thru usb. its made by Cisno 2 mp 1000x mag i think it would work really well for tricomb viewing.

Hey guys, this is the clip on microscope that I use.

Yes, for under seven dollars! Lol, it takes great pics and clips right on to my phone.


High Lady, Thanks so much for sharing this… I’ve been searching for a scope ‘inexpensive & decent’… your trich porn turns out great, so… this is already in my cart!!! I’ve already got loupe’s, led magnifier, and, a zoom camera app but I believe this is going to become my go-to :wink: Plus a new grow equals new toys LOL … Have a super Sunday!! :seedling::leaves::herb: ~Key

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