Trichome help! Time to harvest?

Are you in early flower, or close to harvest? what product did you use? If in early flower, i think it will naturally fade. If close to harvest, flushing might help. I know when I use fish emulsion and bone meal, that you sometimes smell it in the plants, but it eventually works its way out.

In late flowring it was a mistake i tought it was an other product mabe in 1 ou 2 weeks its ready

maybe some others can help as well. @PurpNGold74, @raustin.

What was the product? Did it have artificial scents was it just chemicals like Potassium silicate?

i used to make P and K teas while in flower, can’t recall if I used as foliar spray

I was wondering the same thing

The product is mobet proteco i need quick help its in indoor and the smell dont leave
Sorry for my english im portugues

I looked up that produt, and it looks like it is potassium soap designed to deter white flies?


MOBET is a potassium soap 100% biological and biodegradable, is a product that comes from fatty acids. It is used for cleaning different pests and against insects in marijuana or other crops, especially in organic crops. Sabonprot also has a strong effect against fungi and bacteria, giving plants a nutritious part. It is a product that acts by contact completely dissolving the exoskeleton of insects.

MOBET has a strong biological control against the following insects: aphids, thrips, red spider, whitefly and caterpillars, also eliminating sticky eggs and molasses. If attacks of fungi and bacteria are detected quickly this product has a strong effect against it.

MOBET leaves no residue and can be used in all types of indoor, outdoor and greenhouse crops. In crops of marijuana plants stop applying 15 - 20 days before harvest.

Dosage: (foliar application) mix 3 to 8ml per liter of water every 10 - 15 days as a preventive / curative use, wetting all plants well.


How far from harvest are you?

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Did the product say to use as foliar spray? I’m thinking that if you give a good flush prior to harvest you should be good. Just remember that just becasue a product says it is ok for organic gardening, or says it is organic, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good to use. I would have to research this product a little more. Hope you figure this out

From what I read it is a natural extract that does not contain any toxic compounds and is safe to use on growing marijuana.

Today’s update :v::heart:

1580 0890 0490 5620


@Blazin_Skywalker Do you have a pic of the whole plant? What the strain?

I don’t have any great current pics of the whole plant, mostly because she got so big its hard for me to move her out of the tent by myself. Amnesia Haze Autoflower, 101 days from seed.


That’s looking gorgeous!

Nice huge colas. Did you super crop to make them leggy? With mine I tend to get big bushes but I don’t remove much foliage. Also how far do you keep your lights? HLG boards, right?

Thank you. What does it mean to be leggy? (sorry, this is only my second grow, I’m still learning lingo :v:) I did low stress training with this one. I started the plant off-center and then grew it down low in a spiral.

I had started a grow journal on here, but my 2 toddlers made it pretty difficult for me to find time to time to follow through.

I use California Lightworks Solar System 550 LED in a 2x4 tent. I keep them 15-20" from canopy in flower as recommended by manufacturer , but I am still trying to find the sweet spot as I still ended up with some light burn on the leaves of the taller colas.

Leggy = tall and/or stretching - not great if its a seedling, great if its a giant stalk of dense bud. Awesome grow.


Thank you! The learning process is so addictive!

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