Trichome help! Time to harvest?

Hmmm, not sure about that one. I grow soil outdoors, maybe @raustin knows or can tag someone that does. Hate to give you bad advise.

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You should split the stem from 7 to 10 days before harvest, so I would drill first.

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Just pure beauty…
Out of likes but her ya’ go…

Thank you! :v::heart::pray:

@Blazin_Skywalker how do you hold your microscope still to get the tich pics? How are your trich’s developing? Last pic mostly clear. From what I hear you want cloudy and some amber?

It’s honestly not that hard the way I do it! I use a USB plug and play microscope that I anchor to the screen of my old phone with a suction cup. I can take a pic of it when I get my kids to bed. It gives me way more ways to hold the scope and steady it against things to get a clear shot.

These are today’s pics






I’m starting to feel anxious about so many trichomes with amber heads and clear stalks. Does that mean they’re damaged trichomes? After I get my kids to bed I’ll try taking a pic of exactly what I’m referencing. My 2 and 3 year old are making it hard to think lol :joy:.


@MAXHeadRoom what are your thoughts on her trich’s? She’s looking close but I don’’t have the experience.

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These trics are looking good. What type of high you looking for.

I’m looking for a nice daytime smoke with a mild body high. You know, a smoke that takes my pain away but still leaves me with the energy to smile while I get the dishes done. :wink: Too specific? Haha


@WickedAle this is how I set up my microscrope.

The suction cup is strong so it has never come. Unattached. It just creates a lot of surface area for me to be able to hold at different angles. My scope also has a touch sensor so it takes pictures at the slightest touch, which is SUPER helpful because you can’t keep a steady hand and hunt for buttons to push.


Good idea. I don’t have a google phone but I could mount the holder to the top of my laptop. For some reason I can’t get the picture button on the scope to work so I need to use the mouse button. I’ll give it a try later when I swap the water in my buckets. Thanx!

For the whole first grow I did, I couldn’t get the picture button to work. I ended up going through settings and figuring it out and it was a game changer in ease of picture-taking! What program do you use with it? Maybe I can help!

Hi @Blazin_Skywalker

Do you have a link to where that can be purchased?

amcap is the picture capture program. It’s a Chinese glpcc camera. It came with a software disc but I had to transfer it to a stick so I may not have installed all of the software properly.

I got mine for <$15 off eBay

Sure do, friend!

Here you go! :v:

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Reinstalled and got the photo button to work. Zoom button still doesn’t work but can get a good image with the focus zoom wheel.

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@Blazin_Skywalker Anticipation for BoM must be killing you. Rooting for ya!

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@WickedAle I have the same software. You don’t need to push the button on the microscope to take a picture. Go to the capture pull down menu and when you hit that you will see (Take a picture). That way you have less of a chance of moving your scope when taking a picture.
If you already knew that sorry for being redundant.

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Yes I was able to figure out both. Thanx!

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