Trichome help for first time

Big Bud Auto 80 days old today, I think its ready but this is my first time looking at trichomes to see if the bud is ready, last grow I just waited until the leaves turned brown but this time I wanted to do it by checking the trichome. What do you guys think??


Hahahahaha, to late if I am wrong lol

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Looks as if it could’ve went another week. But then again, it all depends on the type of smoke you are wanting

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I originally ordered the big bud auto seeds from MSNL and on their website it says 9 to 11 weeks from seed and this is week 11. I found this seed in my last grow so it’s my only auto flowering plant right now and I really need the room for my five pineapple kush plants that are in week 2 for flowering, this will be my last auto flowering plant thati grow unless I find more seeds lol

Just added 2 400watt hps lights on each side of the 1600 watt mars hydro LED light, the plants definitely seem to like the hps lights, I am pretty stoked about this grow😀, this is my 2nd grow ever so I am still figuring this out as I go, thanks for your feedback I appreciate all the help everyone from this site gives to me

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So should o have waited for some amber coloring?? Just wanted to know for when my other plants are ready

I like about 10% amber on the buds.
Typically white pistols means more time, but not always.


Doing a little wet trimming now and I definitely think it could have gone one more week

All cloudy tricoms

Sorry, hut wrong button. All cloudy tricoms is more of a head high. Once they turn amber, they turn into cbd or something, and give you more couch lock. About 15% amber is what I like

To be honest I dont smoke anymore because I get wicked paranoid lol, I started growing ot for my wife and kinda just fell in love with the growing part of it lol, best part is when I give someone a little bit to try and they tell me how good it is lol, I probably gave 2 Z’s away last grow hahahahaha the wife told me that 8 cant give anymore away lol

I love smoke reports from my friends. I think I grow good weed but I like it when someone else agrees.

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Exactly!! I love getting good feedback

I’m a newbie to all of this and can’t understand all the jargon. Could you please explain wet trimming. :blush:

Just like what it sounds like you trim your buds while they are wet i prefer it it gums up your shears but it also is easier to trim imo

This is only my 2nd grow so I am definitely not the guy to explain wet trimming lol, all I know is that wet trimming is when you trim your buds right after you chop down your plants and the buds are still wet because they are probably still kinda alive, so dry trimming is when u hang the plants for a few days or a week until the branches snap then you trim the dry dead buds. I only trimmed this one plant wet because I only had one auto flowering plant that was finished, I have five regular plants growing too and when they are done in like 8 more weeks I will be hanging them up to dry before I trim

Wet trimming kinda sucks I think because you need like 4 pairs of scissors because they get all clogged up from the sticky buds, I didn’t have gloves on and went to pickup my son from football after trimming and my hands were stuck to my steering wheel hahaha


:blush: thank you

I like around 20% amber myself