Tribus when and how often?

Title says it all. Would like to add tribus to my feeding schedule. Last grow I was using rootwise, recharge, fish shit and m p. All in rotation during various stages. Tribus seems to get the roots going pretty good from what I can see. Is it safe to use with seedlings right off the bat? Will it jump start the roots? Anybody’s feedback would be greatly appreciated. @Hellraiser I know you switched from voodoo juice to this. When do you start introducing it to the plants? Thank you


Yes, it’s safe for seedlings, even seeds.

I start the Tribus right away, even before the seeds are planted, I expand my coco with silica, nutes (Jacks), and microbes (Tribus and Fishsh!t).


Thank you. Next question just popped seeds and are starting to come through my soil. I soaked, then planted with tails. They won’t be ready for at least another two days for more water. Mixing a full gallon with tribus seems to be a waste. Do you have a ratio that would be good so I don’t waste? @Hellraiser


I agree, safe to use whenever you want. I use 1ml /gallon of tribus original once per week. That’s when feeding daily in coco. If i mix a gallon for really young plants it will last me couple days in solo cups. So the plants will get it a few times.


Ok so if I premix the gallon it should last a bit? I’m in a mix of COM starter I added about 25 percent rice hulls for drainage. I won’t be watering to run off since I added rootwise microbes along with myco. I guess my main concern is how long will the pre mixed gallon last. And when is it appropriate to start adding their aminos mix? Also my container of tribus froze how much harm do you think it did? I don’t have a microscope to check them.

Not as long as you use it all eventually, 1ml/gal is a good place to start, For seedlings I generally mix up a gal of nutes (with microbes) and keep it in a gallon milk jug and use it til I need to make more. Getting a little tribus with every watering won’t hurt and most likely will result in positive growth. I’ve been going overboard with microbes (Tribus or Fishsh!t daily - I alternate) on last couple grows and the plants have been loving it.

Depends on how many seedlings you are caring for, but a week would not be a problem, just keep it out of the light.


@Hellraiser well right now I have a full tray. This weekend I dropped a bag of testers. The breeder had guidelines to follow. And popping the whole bag of ten was one of them. Ten out of ten popped. So far 8/10 have popped through the soil.
Soaked the seeds in a solution of aloe distilled water and a splash of h2o2. Seeds sank and cracked in less than 24 hours. Put them in a damp paper towel and open zip. And they all had decent tails in a day. Seeds seem pretty vigorous. Planted them all and have had them under 24 hours of light to keep the temps steady in the high 70s. Going to give them one more day under 24 hour light to see if the last couple come up. Then switching them over 18/6.
I’m really trying to watch my watering practices this go about. Even bought a watt meter to keep light input to a science.
Hopefully I’ll get a keeper or two out of the bunch. But I’m going to be strict this round and only keep the strongest. I have a decent bit of seeds I’ve collected over the past couple months. Would like to start a true pheno and mother hunt for future grows.

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How often should i be using tribus for my seedlings. I only have 5 seedlings. So would a gallon of tribus last 2 weeks or longer ?

1ml / gallon

I guess depends on media and pot size. In solo cups a gallon mixed at 1ml/gallon would last a little while. Even when larger you really don’t need to apply that mixture more than 1-2 times per week.


How long before you have to feed jacks since you expand with it?

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