Transplanting Seedlings

Planted seeds in potting soil 10 days ago under florescent light 18 hrs/day. Plants are 5-6" tall
and some fall over when I water spray them. Seedling pots are 2"X2" -8 cell peat pots. Should
I transplant them into 3-gal pots now and put under 400W metal halide grow light?

Berkshireman, it sound like , from your description, that the lights are too far from the plants. With florescent lights keep them about two inches above the plant. You will have to keep moving them every couple of days. Your plants are stretching for the lights. They should not be this tall yet. I am guessing that they only have the embryo leaves and maybe very small first serrated leaves. If this is the case replant them deep enough that two thirds of the stalk is underground. This will sturdy them up, and keep the light just above the plant (if it is florescent light). You can change to your 400 watt metal halide grow light at this time. Keep it at a distance so that the canopy of the plant does not get above 75 degrees for optimal growth at this stage.

The Dinosaurman