Transplant clones

I have a couple clones. I want to transfer them from solo cup to a pot . I’m using fox farm happy frog. Should I give nutrients when i transfer

If you are using new or fresh HF you won’t have to feed them for ~ 4 weeks. HF has plenty of nutes in it for their first 4 weeks.

Okay ! what do you think about my weeding cake . She look a little stressed

Also do you think its time to transplant?

Leaves on clones will droop like that until they take root. Clones usually take about 10 days to start developing roots. I wouldn’t transplant them until they stand back up and you start seeing new growth.

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This what they look like when i got them. I also want to say thank you for taking time to answer my question.

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They are about 3 weeks old.

Yeah, they’re not ready for a transplant, at 3 weeks old, something is holding them back, how often are you watering them and how much?

I haven’t water them once since I got them

typo i watered them once