Trainwreck- my 3rd grow with ILGM seeds

I just cut these from a couple of ILGM plants - the smoke from the buds is great. I still have 5 plants to chop and am debating on leaving them or cutting them down now. I cant take pics of the trichomes but these buds look ready to go to me.

I had 2 previous grows with Super Lemon Haze which turned out good… with the last grow I waited too long to harvest and got some brown buds…so I am inclined to cut earlier with this trainwreck strain.

So I must be in the harvest window now - any thoughts?

Under about 30x the trichomes (resin glands) are mostly cloudy. Maybe 10% clear and lesst than 1% amber… I plan to chop the main crop of 5 plants in 2 days after a 36 hr. period of dark. I have been giving plain tap water for about 4 days now…

These buds have me well “wrecked” as I show this.


Extremely frosty. Nice.


That’s some frosty goodness


Thanks folks- It looks like I will have a harvest here in the next 2 or 3 days. This trainwreck seems a nice high to start the day with. Kinda speedy in how quick it takes effect and also in how it makes me feel. No couch lock or headache after heavy use… for a day or 2 anyway. Nice taste to it but I could taste some nitrogen (I think) a few days ago…hence the water only for a while

ILGM has been great to me! Here’s to a wonderful springtime…


Trainwreck is good weed…enjoy @meatface

Will do!.. I like it when a plan works out. I started the seeds about 4.5 months ago. So it has taken the winter and it is not quite there just yet. I am betting on it now. Ha