Tornado acoustic

tornado acoustic extraction fan…does anyone know where i could get replacement barings for one off these mdf fan its a 1500

Probably won’t find bearings for it. You’ll have to replace the whole unit.

Contact tornado via there website contact us support ticket.

If your lucky they will reply… Although as much as they claim that they are a big brand and well trusted I’m leaning on they are just re branding Chinese built stuff because alot of companies have the exact same products. They also lack a support email or contact number, Red flags in my book.

I would ask them if
#1 they provide repairs
#2 they sell bearings
#3 if they can at least inform you of the type, size, brand, model number of the bearing used in that device (its not cheap so I would expect support or I would use the cheap Chinese alternatives that produce the same box fan)

Finally you could take it to an HVAC repair company, you may have to call around and explain what you have but these types of companies frequently deal with duct fans but this will be expensive.

Your best bet would be to tear it apart yourself, take pictures, and find the stamp or sticker on the device housing. This should open some doors in google. If you can physically get the bearing out then you can take detailed pictures of it with meaurments in the picture to send into a bearing shops email who may be located anywhere really because they will be able to identify it and ship you a replacement.

I understand this is an expensive fan so the labour may be worth it, in the end if the bearing is toast you have nothing to loose really.

Ide be happy to help if you post some pictures.

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I’d look at ereplacementparts dot com and then source the bearing elsewhere.


thankyou guys im in the uk too but ill explore the fan in detail tomorrow. love the site and love you guys too

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If you can’t find bearings, it may be cost effective to just replace the motor. That way you don’t replace the impeller and casing which I assume are fine.

I am not familiar with that product but the motor may not even have bearings, it may have bushings instead. If that is the case, replacing with a ball bearing motor would likely result in longer life.

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very useful but I’ve invested in a big fan which I’m sure would be enough power to use as a jet pack lol