Topping- flowering when to stop

When should I stop topping before setting to flower 1 week or 2 weeks?

greatly depends on your topping goals and nutrients used as well as plants health I top right into first week of flower then I thin about second 3rd week focusing on limbs on lower limbs which will never reach optimum light.
During first couple weeks of flower plants stretch and grow at fast rates including new limbs new leaves they double and can almost triple in size before starting to bloom so even if you top during first week new tops will form



That’s easy when your ready to stop triming or topping let her heal for a week or so to flip to 12/12



When I top, I do it at: week 2 in veg, week 4 in veg, and week 1 in flower. Try to get all topping done before “the stretch”.

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when you think of the fact you can train your ladies through screens break and bend for first 3 weeks of flower what harm can a topping session have during first week? that any other pruning or training we subject ladies to doesn’t add similar stress