Topping Environment Outdoors

When is the best time to do a major topping. The weather here has 2-3 rainy days then 2-3 days sun and so on. Advanced nutrients recommended a B-52 Foliar every several days on the clone to excite vegetative growth. All input would be appreciated.

At least 2 weeks before flowering. Out doors; On the plant gets to the height you want top it. Leave a bout a foot for growth. Out doors can be tricjy though; You will have to figure this out as you gain experience growing.

I moved some Autos outside while upgrading my room to HPS/MH and LED from CFL. The plants showed hairs but no budding.The autos were 120 days old, very healthy and almost 3 feet tall . I gave them a good feeding, they got 3 days of rain and now shot up 6 inches from the top node. I saw topping at least 2 weeks prior to Bloom. What is the rule of (green) thumb for Autos as to when you can top to?

Final topping is about two weeks prior to bloom. I will have to assume you can do multiple topping at different times through the grow as you would with regular strains. I’m thinking it will be an estimate on the over all estimated growth cycle of the strain in question, so final topping would likely be near the last few weeks of the expected life cycle. Most cannabis flowers for about 6-8 weeks and then is ripe and ready to be taken down. So at 8-10 weeks before this end date is when the final topping and pruning would be done.

Something confuses me though, 120 days old? That just doesn’t seem right for an autoflower hybrid. That is 4 months and if I’m not mistaken an autoflower’s entire life is usually around only 3-4 months max and some as short as around 70 days total…

Born on date: 3-31-14. This is a Bubbalicous. The same is happening to 2 Short Ryder’s. The Short Ryders are from the same lot as a prior grow much smaller plants wth small buds . t assumed it was the dramatic air flow increase inside the room but now wonder. Got a new HPS/MH 600 watt system for the 4’x4’ room from CFLS and have other plants ready to set to Bloom. I am tempted to throw those in as I have the room. Thoughts?

Yeah, throwing them somewhere that you can give them 12 hours of complete darkness might get them to flower. The are hybrids, I guess, which I suppose could mean these seeds didn’t get the memo that they are supposed to be autoflowers, lol, actually maybe they just didn’t get the right set of genes and are expressing their non-auotflower side of the hybrid. I can’t see how trying in the new location would hurt.

Yeah Baby, a full chamber ready for bloom form its first Bloom just in time for the HPS/MH 600 watt system to arrive Monday. Som pics of the rooms. Main chamber 4’x4’x71/2’ with left and right upper alcoves 2’x3’x21/2’ each.above the 2 external micro-chambers 2’x3’x5’ main under upgrade eliminating the CFLS with HPS/MH and LED and the micro-chambers to T5.

You have quite the system, very nice.

Nice room :slight_smile: