Topping buds? ? Any thoughts!

I was reading on the Web site about topping buds for a bigger harvest and my b only plant is very short as it is. She’s not even as tall as the fox farm feeding schedule pamplit so I’m up for advice.


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Nowl I for one have never heard of topping a bud ? Topping your plant while in vegg ya but never in flower.
I have a pic that will show you exactly how to FEM & TOP your plants

Hope this helps


Thank u garrigan62

I found this on the ilgm site under grow guides, under how to make ur bus bigger.

Another way of saving and focusing your female plant’s energy is by topping it. This is a form of pruning that requires you simply cut off the topmost buds. You can take this bud home to cure and smoke already, and in the meantime the remaining buds will grow even faster. Some growers swear by this every year to achieve bigger and more potent buds by the time the harvest rolls around.

Never heard of topping but to make it bigger that’s all are am I miss understanding something I pulled this from the ilgm Web site

@Wishingilivedina420state your plant looks like its in flower already…


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Yeah its in flower, week 5… was wondering about the article on the ilgm Web site topping buds for bigger and more , anyone ever try it, or know anything about it

I’ve done it before, but I can’t really say it was worth it.

I had been told I could take the tops early, to get that more upbeat high that comes from the high THC content that you get with mostly cloudy, little bit of clear and very little amber.

This is supposed to have the effect of the plant continuing to pump the same amount for a shorter distance amounting to the buds pumping up with more nutrients.

It also gave me a good enough reason to take some early instead of spending all day with Reggie. :persevere::wink:

I’ve also tried taking lower buds instead going for that matured cola. Ya know? Not much difference in my opinion.

To me, you will get your best results if you just let it all finish out. The only reason

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Damned fat fingers on a phone!!

As I was saying, the only reason I would recommend stressing your girl(s) is if you want different stages of maturity from the same strain and are only able to grow one or two of that one strain.

I, personally, have not noticed a significant difference in the amount of swelling that takes place as the bud matures comparing a partial harvest with allowing the entire plant mature.

Bear in mind that even letting the whole plant come to maturity, you will still have some buds less mature than others.

Just my thoughts…

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Floridason thanks, makes since.

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Better late than never I guess, maybe this will help my lil girl out some

Make sure you use some fine emory cloth to polish the probe. Maybe you’ll have better luck than me with the probe since it’s digital and only has the one probe.

Will do. Just checked and ph is 5.0 and I flushed w/ sledge hammer yesterday what do I do?

what are your thought s on trimming fan leaves during bloom should I trim aroun the buds

what are ur thoughts on trimming fan leaves during bloom stage.will it stress my girl or help buds grow

I generally try not to take any fan leaves off unless they are interfering with a specific area I want light to get to and I can’t swing it out of the way. I will clear off the lower growth under a Scrog. The fan leaves bring energy via light the buds can’t.

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I agree.

Something else to consider is what happens when you take a leaf in veg? My experience has always been the branch from the clipped leaf will extend and begin it’s own branching.

Apply this to one in flower. Logic says the buds will begin to elongate. I haven’t done tests to see if this logic is sound, so I can’t state this as fact.

I know a few years ago I trimmed all the leaves of my budding plants in an attempt to allow more sun to reach the interior bud sites. I had learned of defoliation techniques at a bonsai class and wanted to try it out on weed.

I don’t recommend it. The buds were still potent at harvest, but long and airy. We like short node spacing to help density. You won’t achieve that if you tell the plant to stretch.

I topped a bud that was foxtailing one time. Only clipped the half inch tail. I probably won’t do it again. Not because of poor results, but because I now have learned(thanks ILGM!) that the wound site is a prime source for problems. Fungus, virus and pests.

When you learn just how important those leaves are, it becomes harder to trim them. I had trim fever that one year. ILGM and Robert’s blogs have cured that fever. Lol

Keep in mind that this is your grow. You will have to make the final choice. If you choose wrong, learn from it and do it differently next time.:wink:

If a lesson is learned, it’s never a waste of time…


perfect :sunglasses:

No don’t do it. Fan leaves are the plants solor panels bring energy through out the plant see if you can move them out of the way or tie them back.

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you are telling them the right thing I hope they take your advice

thanks garr.she was a little sick eary onbut after some adjustments she pulled through.I was just concerned about the bud quality.thought maybe the yard area might be a bit pruning back I might get some better sun.but not going to now.thanks for the input.I want to send pics but cant seem to be able to.

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