Top them or leave them?

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m living in a part of China with a humid subtropical climate. In my rooftop garden , which faces south, I have half a dozen strong, healthy, female plants growing in the soil of the garden bed. The buds are developing extremely well, they’re thick and hairy, with a surprisingly pungent aroma!

Following the instructions in your grow bible, I germinated some seeds in early March, then planted 15 mist promising looking specimens straight into soil.

I uprooted all males as soon as I identified them, although I was loathe to do it at the time…it was in the bible haha. Now I’m glad I followed your advice.

I read your recent article on increasing yield and topping or tipping. At this stage of the outdoor northern hemisphere grow season, should I top a plant? If a plant has grown tall and not quite so bushy, developing a big, long cola or crown bud, will topping it now increase the yield?

September & October are still warm and sunny, so I estimate there’ll be 2 more months of great outdoor growing weather.

I’d hate to make a mistake because the plants are really thriving. Will topping do any good now, or am I better off to leave them be?

No don’t top them,you want to top in veg not flower,if you were to try to top now you would actually be pulling of the top cola and severely hurt your yield

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