Took long time out to research

ok, so after some time researching nutrients in organic materials that are readily available anywhere, and testing out these organic materials, I’ve managed to keep my plant healthy and green. I was supposed to get a grow light with both veg and bloom switches by June 1st, which then got postponed to the 16th which aggravates me but I’ll be patient. I’ve been using full spectrum led bulbs and keeping it in natural sunlight as well. I’ve made a fertilizer composed of brewed coffee(about 4oz), 1tbsp honey, potato starch, and fermented banana peels diluted with water in a spray bottle. After beginning use of this fertilizer I’ve noticed a drastic change in the health and well being of this plant. I’ve also just recently ground up dessicated earthworms that I collect after the rainstorms end and cultivated that into my grow medium. I wasn’t able to purchase any worm meal but I made my own. I just can’t believe that my plant has remained such a bright healthy green. I was wrong about the preflowers, forgetting that they were actually the new branches growing from between each bract. I inspect my plant everyday with a magnifying glass. Just recently started having a white mold problem in the dirt but utilizing diluted hydrogen peroxide to combat that. As well scooped away alot of the affected dirt before spraying with that hp solution. This is actually my second attempt at growing but I say it’s my first, because my actual first attempt was 13 years ago. At that time my ex girlfriends cat killed it. I dont count that time, and I haven’t ever tried to grow again till now. Besides the efforts to maintain the plant, I’m also counting on the blessings of Ghana as well. I’m a spiritualist. I also speak words of love to my plant and show tenderness and compassion. I just have this feeling that this plant is growing into a very strong plant. Trust mother nature, she knows the way!

She is looking quite healthy! Not willing to flower outside?

Is it really a problem?

I’m betting you nailed it there.

There is an extremely tight relationship between funghi and bacteria in your soil. I’m not a mycologist but I would have monitored the mold and let be until I had some evidence or hunch that it was causing a problem.

Nature is stranger than science fiction, especially when it comes to dirt!

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I was honestly afraid the mold would cause an issue, I was trying to stop it before it got worse. I understand where you’re coming from on that relationship with fungi and bacteria. Just last night I noticed the little flowers. Very small I couldn’t see them too well without my magnifying glass (which is why I’m glad I have one.) So I do believe it is transitioning to its flowering stage. I’m going to go buy some growing lights at home depot today. Another note, I think it’s going to be hermie which I’m sad about. What I think is a pollen sac on the one segment looks round from one angle, but from another it looks pointy. So I’m gonna wait to let it grow more so I can determine that better. I say it might be a hermie because another segment up I do see a pointed preflower with a very short white hair coming out of the tip. I’ll keep my eye on it everyday. I’m not so sure about putting my plant outside, rough winds and nosey neighbors. Policy is they could get in trouble for looking in our windows, but if it’s outside it’s too noticeable. All in all, I appreciate your insight, it is helpful.

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Right on.

If you grow indoors you will need a dedicated area that you can keep dark for minimum of 12 hours if you plan on flowering indoors.

Good luck.

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I do. I have a small walk in closet, can use an extension cord to get lights and ventilation running. I should probably get a grow tent though. Might have to order it from or something. I am aware of the 12 hour cycle when it starts flowering, just gotta devise a way to accomplish that.

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Right on, you are well on your way!

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After five days of light dark cycles there were a myriad of pollen sacs growing. Sadly the plant was male, but I got high off the leaves after culling and curing it. No worries I had another plant growing a few weeks behind that one. The plant is just now moving into flowering stage so I’m starting light dark cycles tonight. After careful study with a magnifying glass I got to see the early stages of development with the pollen sacs even before I could recognize them. Now I have a better experience with this and it appears my new plant may very well be a girl. Where I noticed very tiny round growths on the previous plant, I observe long calyx like protrusions. I will know for sure in the next five days whether it’s a girl or not

you can see between the stamen and the new branches the long calyx-like protrusion. I’m going to constantly observe and carefully manage feedings and light cycles to be sure I dont stress it into a hermie if the plant is a girl. I’ve also switched to a coffee and mushroom tea mix as an organic fertilizer