Too much out & not enough in

This is something I could probably figure out over time but there’s a lot of experience here so I’m not going to try and reinvent the wheel.

The problem is ventilation and temp. Initally I outfitted my grow tent with a 4 in. duct fan plus carbon scrubber. For lighting it was a 5/250 watt LED multi spectrum array plus 2 - 3/50 watt blue/white side lights. After frying a few seedlings in pots and boiling some in DWC and finally getting some good advice I tossed the duct fan in favor of a 4 in. 190 cfm vortex plus carbon scrubber. All said and done I can open the vortex fan up to the point it will almost pull the sides of my 3’ x 3’ x 6’ grow twwnt together. All that suction and with all lights on I’m still getting a balmy 80 - 82F tent temp and 76 +/-1 room temp around it. The RH hangs around 45% which I can boost to about 50% with the bottom of a 10" x 20" propagation tray of water and about 65 - 69% with a cool mist humidifier.

Of course this all boils down to the need for an air intake in the tent. DUH!! What I need to ask is, tapping into the corporate memory now, what design and placement might be best for said intake where it doesn’t screw anything else up? Right now I only have a few new clone sets in residence but, hopefully, it won’t be long before those clones or some sprouts - if I’m ever lucky enough to receive some seeds despite the meddling A-holes of Customs and Dept. of Agri. - ready for hydro. So the situation isn’t too extreme for the clones just now. (With the exception of 1 the last setting of clones went extinct with 85F peak temps and the fact I couldn’t keep enough moisture to them to keep the coco coir plugs from drying out.)

Peace and Happy toking.

you can purchase this fan to bring air inside the tent . If you order it , the box it comes in , simply sit the fan round side against box , trace the circle centered of the box with a sharpie , cut it out and used that to hold fan hooked to ducking , and that should help bring air in the tent . Now when vegging , and only up to the second week of flower , you don’t have to connect your 4’ inline fan to scrubber just yet , without scrubber it will move more air without carbon filter , you really don’t need it until your plants start to purge that signature scent , but until than leave your scrubber off and it should cool down another 5-10 degrees , when you get to flower , you can order a dehumidifier with scrubber at that time that will help keep temps down around 76-78 degrees . Hope this helps !!!