Too much nitrogen? Leaves?

Could someone tell me if this is nitrogen toxicity? I just started using nutrients 3x a week. It is about 5 weeks old. Uploading: 68BBEABD-6BE8-4F0A-B4DA-F8BC4C2D3DC1.jpeg… Uploading: B3441BB8-6C92-4FA4-975B-E0F1D7522A43.jpeg…


Yes this is the claw look of nitrogen toxicity. .


So what do just give a little bit more water? What do you do different?

Water throughly with Ph’d water to a good run off, it will cleanse the roots of the nutrient overload, let them get thirsty then start back with your nutrient regimen


Thanks. They are still in the vegetable state. I see one plant looks a little curly.

How long would you do the ph regular water for?

I’m going the go the next few feedings with water. I haven’t grown in a few years. I got lucky with 8 seeds. Not sure what I have yet. I’m hoping for not many males. One looks frosty. I think the others are purps as they like to be called.

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Cut back on the nutrients, I suggest nutrients every other watering maybe water twice with ph water then feed with nutrients, really just depends on how the plants respond… personally this is what I do…