Too late for LST?

Hi, I’m on my first indoor grow. I have 3 white widows I just put into flower. I’m getting that Christmas tree stretch especially on 1 plant. So now I have 2 different heights, the other 2 are of similar height. My question is, is it too late to do a little low stress training to get the one plant down to the other 2?

Thanks for any help.

You just put them into flower so ya I think you’ll be ok.


Thank you Will, Having fun with this.


I bet…you’ll get more buds when you do. Check out my 5 generation clones in beginners. I tried them down and iem getting buds over a foot long…SWEET …lol


You could still train some o0f the branches down. You just have to be aware of the stress points in the limns, so not to break them. You can tie down a branch as low as it will go without breaking. A couple days later, you can perhaps tie it a little lower. Good luck with your grow.

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