Tombstone grow first time

Help idk if my plant is gonna make it, not positive how long it’s been in flower this is my first grow but I have a clone of some tombstone 4x4 tent with 2 mars hydro ts 600 noticed all the leaves were yellowing from outside in and concluded it was probably due to a nutrient lockout. I’ve flushed it a few times but I’m still getting a very acidic reading on my run off pH. Is my plant stunted from this and will it come back?

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You have very few leaves on this plant, and the leaves you do have don’t look great. Will make it difficult to sustain a healthy plant to the end.

Have you figured out why you’re getting the ph issues? What is your…

Growing media?
Ph and tds/ec/ppm readings?

What is your routine for feeding and watering, like how much, how often, and what are you using?

Like I said I’m brand new to this so I didn’t know before hand but the medium is just miracle grow potting mix I believe wish I hadn’t used it but here we are, my nutrients I’ve been using are expert gardener organics flower food 4-5-3 and since the issue started I started watering with a ph of 6.6-6.8 I didn’t have any way of testing ph before and that’s where my lockout came from I believe. I flushed today and was tested the run off which I could only get to about 5.4 before I ran out of water (bottled water). I water every other day but I don’t drench them just enough to saturate the soil for a day or two… maybe I’ve been screwing up there. Idk it’s a learning experience but just wondering if there’s much more I can do with her or if I should give it a week and harvest early and start my first autoflower run up. I’ve got a few blueberry autos from this site waiting.

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I’ve got different pots and ffof soil lined up for the autos and know to check my ph here on out. I’m also switching to humbolts secrets line for feeding for my autos just think I didn’t have enough knowledge for my first grow

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Miracle grow can be difficult to grow in for sure. I wouldn’t harvest her, doesn’t look close enough to being ready. But I wouldn’t completely bail on it either. I would say to just do what you can to keep things as good as possible and see where you end up.

What are you testing ph with? Do you also have a meter to check nutrient charge? If not, I would get a tds/ec tester. Cheap digital one on Amazon will do if you’re budget minded.

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I normally have my ph at 5.5 to 6.3