Tom Ford Pink Kush seeds

I have been searching high and low for these seeds andI cannot find them anywhere. Does anyone know a placeI may find them at??

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It lists them on Barney’s farm website


that’s normal pink kush from what I seen @SKORPION

It’s a rare genetic I Geuss tried two search engines can’t find em

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Yeah I saw that after I said it, I can’t find any seeds. I do see on a website called budderweeds that sells the flower and has a locator to find the strain so you might find some that way.

Ive found tons of places selling pink kush and seeds just not Tom Ford. The thc reaches 35%. Just reallylove the strain.

That sounds like a bit of a stretch ide like to see some lab results on that haha.

Maybe most people are selling pink kush and just calling it tfpk

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Ive had legit tom ford and its a knock out punch. Ive seen some people obtain seeds via ounces and grow them but yeah very potent. Lots of people out there selling just pink as tom ford but def difference. Since that one bag(and this was even popcorn buds) I have yet to find it again.

Sounds like someone should be breeding this, get breeding and selling seeds man!

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