To nute, or not to nute?

I usually just pinch them off with my thumbnail, but shears are a better plan. :wink:


How does she look now? :slight_smile:


She looks good. You’re both going to be fine.


@newt @tylersays so I need to add nutes, but my ph balance kit won’t be delivered till this weekend… my question is. Can I use Tetra, or any other brands of ph adjustment kits than GH?? Asking because I don’t have any gardening/ flower shops in my area, only walmart lol if not, will she be okay until saturday?? Or can I mix the nutes and hope it’s at the right ph? Lol

Any pH adjusters designed for plants should be fine. Not sure about aquarium adjusters.

EDIT: A single feeding without adjusting should be OK.

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That’s what I wasn’t sure about was aquarium adjusters, walmart doesn’t have any plant adjusters tho , sad lol…different environment…and okay cool! I’ll go ahead and feed her :slight_smile: thanks guys!!

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Just so you have a bigger picture…

The soil should start with a pH of somewhere around 7. Over time as you add nutrients or even water to the soil, the pH of the soil will be affected by the pH of the liquids. If the pH of the liquids changes the pH of the soil too much the plants will be unable to pull the nutrients from the soil, in a condition known as lockout.

This process occurs over time, and is why I periodically do a soil slurry test to check the pH of my soil. Others (and it seems more common) check the runoff water to accomplish the same thing.

Personally, I prefer a slurry test because I can check the soil from root level, as opposed to checking the runoff which gives an average of the soil from the surface all the way through the soli.


So with the FF feeding schedule, it’s a little confusing…im heading into week 4(day 28 in soil) is the ppm range the number that my ppms will be After giving her the feeding? Or is it saying that my ppms should be at 1700 BEFORE the feeding? When I checked my ppm last (3 days ago) it was 750…super confused

First, that’s an old chart. This one is newer:

And the readings shown are for the nutrient solution, after mixing, and before feeding.


With the higher ppm range being for adding more than just the trio, I take it? And does it matter when I feed/water her?(start of light cycle, before dark period, right after dark, etc)
EDIT; do I NEED sledgehammer for the flush, or can I just use water?

Yes, the referenced PPMs are for the complete mix. Yes, you need sledgehammer. That actually may be the most important tool. Otherwise the salt buildups can lock you out. And I don’t worry about what time of day I feed. (Opinions vary on this, but I figure that the nutrients will be there throughout the light cycle anyway)

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Oh dang!! Good thing I asked! ill have to get it ordered pronto! There’s a lot of mixed opinions about the flush on the web…I’ll take my advice from a veteran instead !LOL

Don’t confuse a sledge hammer flush with a final flush. Sledge hammer is used for FF nutrients because they will cause a salt buildup in the soil. The “final flush” is rife with differing opinions, and is giving water only for the final 1-2 weeks before harvest.

I refer you to this study:

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I see zero difference on those 2 charts for the trio…a couple of the supplements have changed but the trio measurements are all the same. Another reason I’m glad to be rid of FF. If they did the proper research from the beginning why would it change?
It’s like they’re throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks.

Aquarium chemicals should be fine for plants, however - they use different stronger stuff than aquariums do for buffering plant water and it SHOULD NOT be used for aquariums. According to GH, at least.
Fish are extremely boring, but they’re alive!

It’s also been my experience that the PPMs are WAY higher than the chart shows when mixing the nutes. Maybe it’s one of those “scale” things, but my PPMs were ALWAYS higher than advertised - with just the trio. The orange part of the chart will only slightly raise PPMs as they’re not really nutrients. At least the last 4 in the orange won’t effect it much - didn’t use the first 3.
The green and purple bands are the nutrients that will have the most effect on PPMs.

There are some people here who never check these things and grow good weed.
I prefer to ensure my time and effort aren’t for naught, so I try to keep it in range.
A single watering or 2 won’t kill the plants overnight or even in a weeks time if it’s not perfect.

Yeah - the final flush is pretty much considered voodoo and weed has been taste tested by “experts” and like the old Pepsi challenge, the unflushed weed wins pretty consistently. Seems to be a branch of the ever-popular “Bro Science”.
BUT - with FF you MUST do the Sledgehammer by the schedule or it WILL kill your plants!

Best of Luck!!

Things in the chart change because of 2 reasons:

  1. New products are introduced
  2. Their research has indicated a change of strength is merited

I hear FF getting a lot of abuse, but I’m finding that I get great results with it. Yeah, it’s a pain to mix all that stuff, but I can’t argue with the results, when I see this:

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Which of those products is new? They’re all on the other chart?
And, again, if they had done the proper research BEFORE releasing a product the FACTS wouldn’t change! Facts is facts, today, tomorrow and next week! This ain’t a wild virus - this is a jar of chemicals they’re selling you! Chemical reactions are, well, chemistry!

I’m not arguing and I totally agree - FF can give you great results - it did for me outside - where I suspect the product line was originally developed as opposed to a warehouse or greenhouse environment since Humboldt County isn’t really known for their warehouse operations but more their OUTSIDE growing.
I’ve got gallon jugs of the stuff waiting for next growing season…outside.

I prefer to work smarter than harder!!
Helped me retire at 51!!

Unfortunately, we’d be hard pressed to get a straight answer from a manufacturer. They’re, Jacks included, more interested in the green in your pocket than in your tent!

Rhize Up.

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Jack’s recently changed their recommended feeding schedule, as well, IIRC.

I’ve been using CootMeds schedule for Jacks! And GreenGenes schedule for flowering.
I looked at the schedules they had on the site. Cootmeds chart was easier to follow!
Smarter - NOT harder! LOL!

Outside is where FF shines best - IMO.

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:point_up_2: @Newt nailed on needing the sledgehammer :love_you_gesture:

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