Time to grow

Just wondering what is the best time to grow outdoors?

It depends on where you live and also a little on the strain.

Good point MacG. If you have a short grow season;
You want to pick an Indica pheno. If you have a long grow season; You can grow either, but you can easily finish a true Sativa.

I live in Australia and the seed is white widow

As explained in the link and other articles in that section of our site, cannabis flowers when the days get short, so in the fall/winter in your area. It needs about 12 solid hours of uninterrupted darkness to flower, outdoors some strains may start to flower a little sooner with only maybe ten or eleven hours of darkness, before the fall equinox and this too is a little dependent on the strain. And so you would want to start growing somewhere in the early spring to late summer depending on how big you want the plant to get before it starts to flower and then the expected flowering length to finish(this info can be found on the seed page in the extra info about that strain) as so the plant will be finished before it gets too cold. These are the things you need to investigate for your area. I don’t grow outside and have never grown white widow outdoors and so can not say how early or how close to the fall equinox you should expect to see that strain start to flower.