Time period for pre flower for amnesia Haze

How long is the pre flower for amnesia Haze inside a tent and how long do you flower it for it to be totally ready

Is this an auto preflower is usually triggered by light cycle change and depends greatly on when you want to start flowering and how big you want your plant to get. Reg/fem seeds can be left in veg as long as light cycle is greater than 12/12 and pre-flowers can start to show on your plants in veg as they get older but most don’t wait that long to put plants into flower. If you trigger flowering you have 2 weeks roughly of stretch during which your plant shows pre-flowers and shifts to flower once plant stops stretch entirely you have entered flower and start the weeks count, each strain is different some can be ready in 8 weeks some in 16 weeks. There is no set in stone time it greatly depends on your genetics and the plants environment

I’m petty positive amnesia flowers for 10-12 weeks

What is the preferred lighting cycle for preflowering amnesia?

Should I switch these to a 12/12 cycle or let them go another week on the 18/6
Week 8 will be Monday