Thrichome amber cloudy %

Holy hell that is one fatty bud! Thats amazing. Nice work there. My first grow didn’t turn out nearly this good lol.

Great first grow post your weight when finished now u can use all that knowledge to perfect your next grow eleminate any errors or obstacles from your first grow try topping next time nice job…Bro

Lol that cola was amazing. I got 156 grams of her dry


What was your lighting arrangement on that grow.I seen your CFL was that all you used?

Cfl and a 300w mars hydro panel
I had five 65 watt Cfl = 300w each two 42w Cfl = 150w each which I took out on the last week to use on another grow and a 300w mars hydro…in this video you see a marshydro reflector96 but that was just put there 3 day before the harvest

Congrats on the great gro

WOW just look at that man u killed it that’s just stupid big

Thanks I was able to get 156 grams dry of her I am so excited

Thanks super nice :+1:
I’m happy for you :sunglasses:

The more amber trichs, the more potent it’ll be?? In essence? More ready it is? When is letting it go to far? And how will you know?

Bro congrats. That cola is something out of a magazine. Impressive sir. What were your conditions? Did you have any kind of co2?

I say anything over 75%


Full plant. Overall bud 75% amber trichs? Not just top cola? I’m in the flowering process just in the very beginning just over 1 week