Three months old

Lemon glaze glue.
Three months old started from seed in April
Started 12/12 light schedule this week.
Any advice?
How does she look?


Start bending those branches down and train them while they are soft because that plant is about to stretch out double in size.

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Holyshit man!!! That plant is incredible!!! Great job buddy!

If you dont mind me asking but how and what do you put in your water?

@RowGrow575 how much room from her top to the tent ceiling? @Spiney_norman is correct with the supercrop suggestion.

About a 2 feet

Water about every three days. Only use Purified or Distilled water and follow fox farm feeding schedule. Also use fishshit and greatwhite

Thanks man. I ph the water every time i water. Bought this Foop foilage spray its got all this fish shit in it. It says once a week to use. I haven’t used nutes yet they said the soil will have alot in it for a few weeks then probably do my first feed. What do you think?

I started using what the schedule called for

May or may not make a difference, but here is a newer FF feeding schedule:

Can you mix a batch and keep it for a week?