Thread was Shut Down

So yesterday I posted a thread on all the seeds I had ordered. I wanted to get any experienced growers to chime in and see if anyone had grown the strains I had purchased. Well, the support team decided I was promoting another website, which I wasn’t because at no point did I ever mention the seed bank.

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This is the first forum where I’m afraid to post, even to help people, for fear of being booted off. I like forums. I like reading, learning, ect. I love to help people grow. I feel that growing, and helping people grow should in be capitalize on by corporate agendas, and Ive felt this way since day one. Although I understand the owners of the forums want, to make money, I tent to agree with you, @ktreez420

I’m a member of 10+ forums, and most sell there own products. None of those forums have a problem with mentioning the ILGM’S forums.


I don’t know what kinda “weed” the forum “masters” are smoking, but whatever it is, it is not up to par.

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Thanks for your contribution to the forum. But, we don’t discuss other shops here.

The forum is provided to you for free by Robert Bergman’s ILGM, with
the goal to help people in their challenges in growing cannabis.

However, it’s not possible to promote other seedshops. Hope you understand!

Selling seeds is how we pay the bills. The Internet might be free, but hosting this forum is not. MacGuyver and Latewood are financially compensated for sharing their knowledge here with you, for free. Our 5 other staff members get a salary as well.

Dumme: no need to be afraid of helping people. The rules are very simple: don’t promote other seedbanks, and don’t piss people off (and I am absolutely not saying you are doing either)

FYI: Ktreez420 has been very active in promoting another seedbank, not just in this post.

Enjoy, be happy!

ILGM Support