Thought it was a auto but it's a photoperiod

So ran into an issue I thought my plant was an auto but I’m pretty sure its a photoperiod I’ve had it under 24 hour light and I’ve already started LST. Can I leave it under 24 until later on and when tf do I need to switch it I’m also doing personal research online but don’t want to Google it so much it raises red flag to who or whatever agency monitors online traffic for key words considering it’s not legal recreationally here yet I just need the run down it’s about 3 weeks old from the moment it first popped it’s little head out of the ground. Beautiful healthy green under regular light looks yellow under grow light but I think it’s because of the mixture of the red and blue I’ll attach a picture for shits and giggles. Just trying to reorient myself because I’m a beginner and I ended up getting a feminized seed you would only even consider when you have done multiple grows over multiple years. Can I stay my current course 24 hour light, watering every 2-3 days, feeding every other watering, RH around 57%- 60%, temp around 78° during day 70° at night, undergoing LST, small fan blowing 24/7, no grow tent, advanced nutrients 3-part pH Perfect, Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix, Amnesia Lemon from Herbie’s Seeds with genetics by Barney’s Farm. Let me know what you guys think. P.S. will I need to transplant again I have it in 1 gal tea pitcher but I can already see a few roots stretched out touching the outside of the tea pitcher they look white they do not look like they have root rot (from my understanding the roots will start to darken to a tan-brown color). Does it need much else a auto normally wouldn’t.


Not sure why/how you would be thinking you have something other than expected? Only real difference between an auto and photo is that long light schedule will hold a photo plant in veg indefinitely. When you’re ready ro flower a photo just reduce lights on time. Keep in mind plants will continue to grow the first couple weeks of flowering schedule, so plan to change light schedule while they still have a little room.


@dbrn32 it’s because when I bought them I paid for a auto and got a free seed but was too excited and impatient to actually stop and read or perform a thorough examination of the details regarding the free seed I just assumed it was an auto because it was a free gift with the auto I had already picked out. Put simply it’s because I didn’t do any research on the free seed because it was free and the one I paid for was the one I was focused on I didn’t realize it was a photo until I got it planted and realized that the other plant was growing at an alarmingly faster rate than this one. Herbie’s did me good getting the seeds to me an I’m grateful for their generosity in relation to the free seed but they should have provided details about the free seed when they informed me that you get a free seed instead to see anything about the seed you have to click on the name of the seed and it redirects you to their free seed list. Which I’m not saying it’s not my fault also because when I checked their website the free seed I picked did not have the word “auto” beside it like all the other auto flower seeds but because of my excitement and impatience I didn’t put 2 and 2 together. But now ig I have to make the best of a bad situation, which ig it’s not a bad situation considering I have more control over the plant than I would with an auto but still I’m not that experienced and everywhere I’m reading says photos are really only for more experienced growers. But I digress, thank you so all I have to do is stay the course until I’m ready to switch it?

My very first grow were photos. Personally imo easier. You have more time to learn and correct as you go. Which is a huge plus when it comes to getting any issues you may run into as a first timer, under control before switching to flower.


@WaPNWGrower thank you I feel much better now…at least now I can kinda expect more bud from my plant than I initially expected that makes me feel a lot better about the situation is it okay to continue giving it 24 hours light until I gt ready to switch it or should I reduce it to 20/4 or 18/6 which is better for photos I was giving it 24 hours u til I found out what it was.

I only had 18/6 but I’ve heard nothing bad of 24 hr

Not good for re-veg flower-flipping.
Last summer’s grow evolutions included a flip to flower 18/6 to 12/12. Then touble developed.
LSS, I went back to 24/0 while correcting issues. Issues corrected and I started flower flip#2.
30% hermis. Current re-veg flower flipping maxed at 18/6 and is now 12/12. Thread updates at RE-Veging for continous grow.

If you go straight from 18/6 to 12/12 why is there a problem if your not trying to reveg

I’ve seen this, it’s nonsense. As long as you can provide a light tight area for photoperiod they are basically the same as an auto. So don’t worry about it.

No. Other than light schedule to flower you should be able to treat them pretty much the same.

If you have root rot it’s probably because you are watering too much or too frequently. Not sure if there are holes in bottom of pot for drainage, but this would help. Or move to something like a fabric pot. Also don’t use transparent containers or keep them covered. Light hitting roots will kill them and may be what you’re seeing.

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Well, you can be in a bit more of an abusive relationship with photos! You have time for them to recover from anything you do to them, whereas autos constantly have their meter running!

@Dsull588 photos are fun! You can take cuttings and make clones when you come across one you’d like to keep, saves $$ on seeds! If you have autos as well as that photo, I’d do 18/6 lights, and when the photo is big enuff, flip to 12/12 and the autos will just chug along for the ride!

Good growing to you!